Panic Attack Therapy – Panic Disorder Treatment Near Mission Valley, Hillcrest, North Park

by Dana Terrell, LCSW, EAC

Do you need help for Panic Attacks?  Are these Symptoms of Panic Attacks/Panic Disorder Familiar to You?

  • Heart palpitations or heart pounding
  • Feeling dizzy, faint
  • Feeling shaky, tremulous, like your knees might collapse
  • Sure that everyone can see how nervous you feel
  • Worry that you are having a heart attack or are dying

Do you have to learn to live with Panic Attacks — or can you leave Panic behind?

One specialist in Panic who uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy told a national audience on NPR Radio that it is necessary to learn to live with Panic. I don’t find that true in my practice of EMDR Therapy.

Profound Treatments that help “Drain” anxiety from your body and mind

With some clients, we find their panic relates to a series of stresses in adulthood.  If we “clear” those stresses with EMDR Therapy, the panic is resolved.

For other clients, there is no clear memory that seems relevant to panic.  Often they were raised by anxious or mentally ill parents.  From a young age, life was insecure or scary.  It can be scary simply to witness your mother or father have great anxiety about the world.  The whole world seems unsafe. Thus, the seeds of future panic can be sown very early in life.  It may be rooted in the first 3 years of life.  In that case, there are generally not clear memories of what happened.  The EMDR Therapy Early Trauma Protocol works very well for such persons.

In my experience, it is NOT necessary to have to live with trauma.  Can you imagine the ER doctor saying, “The bad news is that your leg is broken and it will stay broken for the rest of your life?”  Our minds and hearts are able to heal just as well as our bones.  Our minds simple need the help of a therapy that goes deeper than talk.  EMDR Therapy is a holistic treatment for mind, body and heart.

Dana Terrell, LCSW, EAC has been specializing in the EMDR Therapy for Panic since 2006.  Her office in North Park is easily accessible to Mission Valley, Hillcrest, Downtown San Diego and of course, North Park.


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