Peak Performance Enhancement: EMDR Therapy Brings Hope

Aiming for Peak Performance Enhancement brings Common Concerns:

  • Difficulty staying focused in practice
  • Distraction during performance
  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of success
  • Anxiety before performance
  • Avoidance of going for what you really want
  • Jealousy of those who have what you want

The greatest men and women in any field, whether it is the arts, sports, science, or business, report that passion is the key to peak performances. Yet, passion is so much more than just the performance. That flow – of fun, power, joy, inspiration, sheer pleasure in moving, expressing, “nailing it”, “besting your best” – is the goal. The performance naturally awes the audience because your passion becomes contagious. The audience loves that experience. Their energy can contribute to the performer’s energy, and the whole becomes greater than the sum of the parts – a “peak experience” for all.

The goal of peak performance enhancement work is to keep the passion and the focus flowing. One thing trauma therapists find essential to address (and many other performance coaches dismiss as “negative” or “that’s the past; that’s over”) is the traumatic memory that may cause a block in the flow. Sometimes, through the fantastic concentration of mind over matter, the mind may believe it’s “done” with the past. But if there remain blocks to performance, the body is remembering.   Why not use a direct, efficient approach to help the body-mind clear the distress from the memory and be free of it? EMDR has this capacity and research has demonstrated it. EMDR Therapy can help you mentally rehearse for future performances in a deeply profound and confident way.

Peak Performance EnhancementMichael Jordan of basketball fame was so passionate; he sought the help of five coaches. If you have already devoted much of your dreaming and visualizing, deep thinking and drilling-in of your concentration and practice, pumping and planning, researching and writing, or sweating and striving to your passion, we hope you will consider including one of our Performance Enhancement specialists as a member of the team that helps you pursue your personal excellence.

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