Learn More about EMDR Therapy

Learn More about EMDR Therapy


excerpts from Getting Past Your Past, by Francine Shapiro, PhD:

“Why would a beautiful, intelligent woman keep picking the wrong men, throw herself on the floor and beg them not to leave her?

Why would a successful businessman be hit with anxiety whenever he had to make a presentation?

Why would a woman with the constant feeling of dread, fears of abandonment, and eating disorder not be able to make sense of it, seeing therapist after therapist?

Shapiro2014Francine Shapiro, PhD is the developer of EMDR, the first researcher of the EMDR Protocol, and an author of several books about EMDR.  She has recently published her newest book, a self-help book for the public called “Getting Past Your Past.”

This is a great introduction to EMDR at any stage along the way, whether you are thinking of getting therapy, are mid-way through therapy and would like some added self-help practice, or don’t feel a need for professional treatment now, but just want to help yourself with a challenge. 

“Francine Shaprio’s discovery of EMDR is one of the most important breakthroughs in the history of psychotherapy.”

Norman Doidge, MD, author of The Brain that Changes Itself