ACES Assessment

To assess the ACES score of your client is a good way to understand the breadth of their difficult experiences and the statistical risk for chronic health issues.  Higher ACES clients need to learn kind self-care, and to be extra patient with themselves.  As they work to overcome their categories of trauma and neglect in patient EMDR treatment, oftentimes their body relaxes and symptoms ease.

These clients will not experience the rapid healing that others may from adult onset traumas.  The ACES score can help them to understand that.  It is very hard to give an estimate on the treatment time needed for reaching their treatment goals.  Essentially, they will generally have a degree of complex trauma, or complex PTSD.

I use the ACES score routinely with my clients and invite you to do the same.  I believe all health care providers should also assess the ACES score and refer clients for a good trauma/attachment therapy such as EMDR promptly.

Finding Your ACE Score