PDF Resources

PDF Resources

For EMDR Therapists, EMDR Therapy Friends and Supporters

The resources here are designed to be useful resources for you, your colleagues or your clients.  They can be used by anyone wishing to boost their own EMDR Therapy practice and also take EMDR to the tipping point of public awareness.  Thank you for your interest and dedication to this vision!

Additionally, you will sometimes find resources on other subjects shared by our members.

To find EMDR Trainings offered by our members, use the link below:

EMDR Trainings

Instructions:  The name of the pdf is a link.  Please click on it to reach the pdf.  You are welcome to print one copy or many to share with an individual, or a group, or a clinic.  If you are presenting to an audience about EMDR therapy, you are also welcome to share with them what you feel would be useful.


Available currently –   

PTSD Brochure for Emergency Rooms, clinics, orthopedists (research shows their patients with fractures have a 52% PTSD rate), doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, etc.  Please feel free to print out as many copies as you wish and share them with the above locations, referral partners and colleagues.

It is recommended to print two-sided copies on a letterhead quality paper so the color doesn’t bleed through.  This brochure didn’t print well on a pdf, so we are posting it in a jpg format.  Please let Dana Terrell or Karen Walker know if you have any problems printing it (go to Contact Us.  We welcome this brochure being shared by anyone who wishes to help people discover EMDR for PTSD).


“Window of Tolerance” a beautiful visual aide generously shared by Julie Miller, PhD, EAC of Arizona.  Feel free to use it as an appealing tool for educating clients about the Window of Tolerance in which we want EMDR processing to occur.


Finding Your ACES Score gives you the original assessment tool for the ACES study, an on-going study of 17,000 patients at Kaiser Permanente San Diego.


A Bowen and EMDR Brochure called “Bowen Systems Theory Made Ridiculously Simple.”  It represents 35 years of study and practice of Bowen Theory condensed onto 2 pages.  And, it describes how EMDR Therapy can speed relationship progress through practicing and being rewarded by Bowen principles.



Take EMDR to the Tipping Point arcticle in pdf format

Don’t we all want to make “EMDR Therapy” a household word or term?  Please share this article with your EMDR Institute No-fee Study Group and/or EMDRIA Regional Meeting.


Sign-up Sheets for “Spread the Word” Newsletter  –  Please offer the sign-up sheet to all your new clients (covering previous names/emails with a large Stickie Note or folded paper, for HIPPA Compliance). Once you fill one list, please mail to us at the address at the bottom of the page.

You are also welcome to bring the sign-up sheets to professional meetings of EMDR therapists or other audiences interested in EMDR.



An EMDR Introductory Card AKA an EMDR Elevator Card for someone who never heard of EMDR before.  You are welcome to use this artwork to submit to a printer such as Vistaprint.   This is a two-sided folded business card.  I use it for clients in my office to give their friends, or in my billfold in case I meet someone who becomes interested in EMDR while we converse.  

The format of the card does not allow us to upload it to this website.  However, you are welcome to contact us by email to request the design.  We are happy to share it freely to help in spreading the word about EMDR.  Use the CONTACT Us tab.

Pricing through VistaPrint (I find their prices are best, for the non-glossy card):

250 cards            $39.95

up to 2000          $69.96     (Thus, there is a huge advantage if a few people go in on an order and divide the cost).

Find Your ACES Score

The assessment form used by the Kaiser ACES study is freely shared.  You can access an  online calculator at this link

Or access a paper copy of the hard copy using this link

Have you been interested in learning the gentle trauma approach of Somatic Experiencing?  Here is a course offered by Bernadette Talia?

Somatic Experiencing

We have additional informative cards the size of business cards.    Take EMDR to the Tipping Point for EMDR therapists and EMDR fans who are eager to take effective steps to help the world learn about EMDR.   These must be ordered and purchased from a printer.  If you want more information about this, please go to CONTACT US and let us know. We will be happy to give you the ordering information.


Available Soon

“I Want to Wave a Flag for EMDR” gives 3 handouts per page.  Please offer to all clients whose enthusiasm about EMDR is giving them the desire to help others find EMDR. It invites them to share how EMDR has helped them find relief and overcome challenges.