Benefits of Joining

Get found on major search engines with your therapist profile and photo by people focused on finding your specialties.

Local City Pages fit what people naturally “Google” – their own city, plus the specialty they are looking for.

Easy to navigate – The only EMDR Therapy directory website designed to be client-centered, client-friendly, and easy for suffering people to use.

Home page tools for  educating your new clients about EMDR Therapy:  Introductory Slide Show and a VIDEO section with many useful educational videos about EMDR therapy.  One features our member, Sara Gilman, LMFT.  And we are happy to feature you as well!

Publish your own brief videos about EMDR Therapy, your practice or specialties, the value of Certification…,

Publish your articles online for free and boost traffic to your own Therapist Profile Page (and website, if you have one).  You can include a brief video in your article as well.  This is easy to do in the age of smart phones, which have high quality video cameras.  Just take care that there is no distracting sound.

EMDR Humanitarian Weekly:  free newsletter sent occasionally giving one or two ideas for building your EMDR practice and for spreading the word about EMDR Therapy via therapist efforts.  “This is actually sent occasionally, and only weekly if I am full of inspiration!” — Dana

Spread the Word — EMDR Therapy Transforms Stress, Trauma and Performance:  a free monthly newsletter for the public, in which people share how they’ve used EMDR therapy to find relief and overcome challenges. This easily shared newsletter links to the website and helps new clients find you.  Please invite all your clients to subscribe to it.

You can help an effective Tipping Point Team make EMDR Therapy a household word (our Key Purpose since 2006).  We offer suggested steps to take to help take EMDR to the tipping point:

  1. Click on article link here:  Take EMDR to the Tipping Point
  2. When you have time, read a short weekly newsletter called EMDR Humanitarian Weekly.  By using social media in 5-10 minutes you can share articles you like with colleagues on LinkedIn, or friends on Facebook, or other social media.
  3. Enjoy a Summer Project Kit giving simple steps you might take in 5-10 minutes during an opening in your schedule due to a client being on vacation.

Team of Talent Seeking the Tipping Point for EMDR Therapy (including an EMDRIA-Approved Consultant, web designer, marketing professional, SEO specialist and great business coaches) dedicated to our mission: to bring knowledge about EMDR Therapy to 80% of the local population.


Value of your membership

For your registration fee of $39 (reduced during special offers) and your monthly advertising fee of $29, you receive:

Your own therapist profile page,  specialties search function linking those seeking your specialty or insurances to your profile page, local Directory list linking to your profile page on your local

•Value of $300-720 if personal web site, plus ongoing hosting fees, etc.  (Personal sites are hard to get to Google high, in competition with the group sites)

Free Video Courses available to members.  Currently offering: “How to Ethically Build Referral Partner Relationships”

—Value of $50

Free 15 minute consultation – by phone or email, about your Therapist Profile Page
—Value of $50


Total value: $639 – 1059

Total actual cost for first year (celebrating our 25th Anniversary):      $174*  (there is no obligation to continue)
Total actual cost for second year: $348*

*the costs are lower if you use our honor system to access lower rates for rural areas and for those beginning private practice.

Compare these costs to the value of one client (average income earned by serving one client is perhaps $1000 if your fee is $100 and your average client comes 10 times). That client may refer an average of 4 more clients to you in 5 years, which could be interpreted this way: one client is actually worth $5000.

Standard business principles recommend spending at least the value of one client in one year for your annual advertising budget.  Make sure your advertising methods are working for you and worth the investment.  For the above example with an average of 10 sessions per client, it is recommended that you spend $1000 a year on advertising.  If your average client comes 20 times, it would be recommended to spend $2000.  Use your own fees and average length of treatment to determine what you should best spend.

Therapist Marketing Gurus recommend joining 5 website directories.  Thus, if you are already on one EMDR Therapy Directory, I recommend being on more.  Those sites focus on EMDR Therapy as a search term.  We do, too, but we also focus on other terms people when they seek a therapist — especially those people who never heard of EMDR Therapy — about 85% of the population.

In a recession it is all the more important to advertise.  Many reduce their advertising budget at such times.  Savvy, successful business people increase their investment during downturns.

Even if you would gain just one client from the website, you are experiencing a positive result from your advertising investment.  From the results other therapists have gained, we expect you to receive more referrals than that!

Why am I so gung-ho about marketing EMDR Therapy and EMDR Therapists?  The obvious reason is that EMDR Therapy is magically awesome.  But the deeper reason is that I was scared to death to market my second private practice (the first had failed, in my estimation).  My friend said, “You need EMDR for that!”  I saw her wonderful EMDR Therapist and after a responsible first session covering Phase 1 and 2, we did 90 minutes of processing in the second session.  That was all I needed to become free from fear about marketing.  Now I find it FUN!  My AIP is happily at work.  I would be equally happy to help market your practice!