Kay Simmeth Offers Anxiety Therapy in La Canada Flintridge 91011

Anxiety is distressing.  Some people have tried many ways to cope which sadly haven’t worked very well or very long.

This can impact your ability to accomplish the passionate goals you have.  Peak Performance Coaching is more powerful for your goals, with the advantage of an EMDR Therapist.  Kay has double specialty to help you more.

Or, anxiety can bring despair.  It can be so bad some are ready to give up hope of ever getting better.

EMDR Therapy (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) brings hope because it helps your brain heal itself.  It activates an amazing potential in your brain that Francine Shapiro, PhD (EMDR’s originator and first researcher) calls the “Adaptive Information Processing” System (AIP).  This system has the capacity, with the help of EMDR Therapy, to desensitize negative memories, emotions, sensations and beliefs.  Once that happens, it is as if your brain is freed from a great weight.  One client said, I feel like I’ve put down 2 heavy suitcases.  I feel 100 pounds lighter!”  Your strengths and talents come back.  Positive memories come back to awareness.  Clients say, “I got myself back!”

To learn more about Kay and Anxiety Therapy in La Canada Flintridge 91011 get started in your healing project.  link to her profile page on an EMDR Therapy website of the highest standards, which Kay was invited to join:

Anxiety Help in 91011


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