EMDR Therapy Videos

EMDR Therapy Helps Whom? EMDR Therapy Helps How?

EMDR Therapy videos posted with permission from a variety of sources:  CBS News, KPBS Television, people working to overcome stigma of mental illness, people facing mental ilness in friendship and fun, and therapists giving educational videos about stress, trauma and traumatic stress (PTSD) and EMDR Therapy.  Also, see video of Brooke Axtell who spoke out to those suffering from Domestic Violence.

EMDR Therapy Videos for Kids, Teens, Adults

CBS News Video How EMDR Therapy Works for Kids Teens, Part I: EMDR Therapy and Your Brain
Teens, Part II: Teens – How Your Brain Works An EMDR Therapy Memory Reprocessing Session by Kalpana Murthy, LPC What is EMDR Therapy? by Kalpana Murthy, LPC

EMDR Therapy Video for First Responders or Combat Veterans

ABCActionNews.com in Tampa, FL Tampa Police confront trauma that stays beneath the surface but unhealed Minnesota Veterans of Combat or Shooting Trauma Find the Value of EMDR Therapy, KSTP.com

Good Self Care

Choosing Your EMDR Therapist: 3 Questions to Ask, by Sara Gilman, MFT Approaching Depression Treatment

Self Care, Encouraging Safety, cont.

Domestic Violence Testimony by Brooke Axtell Self Care for Sexual Assault: Regaining Your Voice and Choices Pres. Obama’s at the 2015 Grammy’s re Domestic Violence

Self Care, Finding Safety

Self Care Through Self Defense Michelle Obama’s EPIC Speech On Trump’s Sexual Behavior Nurturing, Protective Parent Role Model for Those with Early Neglect

Stigma and Stereotype Series

“Stigma and Mental Illness” on YouTube, by IMKHealthCentre What Will People Think If I Go to Therapy? Therapy Won’t Work for Me

Stigma and Stereotype Series, Continued

Young Adults with Mental Illness Have Fun Watch for more…

Having Fun with EMDR Therapy Videos…and Life!

SuperCool: Fruit Salad Trees and EMDR How Gardening Gives Life Lessons (The Value of an Expert) Young Adults with Mental Illness Have Fun