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Sylvia M. Bercovici Offers EMDR Therapy in West Los Angeles 90064

Sylvia Bercovici, PhD, MFT specializes in EMDR Therapy in West Los Angeles 90064.  She is a Certified EMDR Psychologist and an EMDRIA Approved Consultant.

Specialties: Trauma and PTSD, Depression and Mood Disorders, Relationship Issues, Stress Reduction, Mindfulness Meditation, EMDR Therapy in West Los Angeles 90064, Integrated Somatic Therapy, EMDRIA-Approved Consultant for other EMDR Therapists
Serving: Adults
Insurance: private pay
License: #MFC 22061

Your Own Mind Has the Answers…

When we are experiencing negative states like anxiety or depression, or we feel we are not up to meeting the challenges of our life, it is tempting to think that there is something wrong with us, something broken in our mind that we have to fix, or some missing piece we have to find.

My perspective as a psychotherapist is that the very mind we perceive as letting us down, as deficient — sometimes even as our enemy — contains all the resources we need to heal, develop our potential and even attain happiness. What is required are ways to support, stimulate and encourage the mind so that its natural capacities are able to function. In other words, we already have within us the seeds of healing, growth and contentment.  They just need to be cultivated.

The therapeutic modalities I use as a psychotherapist are intended to cultivate the naturally existing, healthy qualities of the mind.

EMDR Therapy in West Los Angeles 90064

This amazing therapy allows the different parts of the brain, whose communication with each other has been disrupted by trauma, to re-establish the exchange of adaptive information. This information frequently corrects negative beliefs about ourselves. Those beliefs often stem from experiences early in life and are stored in the brain.  The beliefs may be conscious or unconscious.

Mindfulness Meditation allows us to work directly with the brain and nervous system to change painful patterns and to restore the mind’s naturally existing capacity for balance, calmness and awareness. This, in turn, results in more realistic and intelligent responses to events and “triggers” (reminders of past negative experiences) in the outside world.

Integrative Somatic Therapy brings the physical body into the picture, restoring the naturally existing stabilizing relationship between body and mind and promoting emotional resiliency. It is important to note that all these approaches have been supported by current research in neuroscience.

Chances ar that whatever you are currently struggling with, emotionally and psychologically, can be substantially helped by these approaches. I look forward to hearing from you.

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