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Sharon Skelton, MFT Offers EMDR Therapy Sacramento 95816

Sharon Skelton Specializes in EMDR Therapy Sacramento 95816

Traumatic Grief and Loss

I specialize in traumatic grief, and my clients tell me that EMDR Therapy works.

For many people the situations that used to trigger intense emotions no longer do. People let go of the pain of loss, but hold on to the love.

Abuse survivors begin to see themselves as more than what happened to them. Neglect survivors begin to fully engage with the people who are there for them now. People uncover their strengths and access their well-earned wisdom. There may always be an awareness of the traumas of the the past, but it is possible to no longer experience the debilitating emotions associated with them in the present time. Why should you?

EMDR therapy is a fundamental way I help people.

I also offer Mothering Ourselves, a supportive therapy group for motherless mothers. These are mothers whose own mother, due to death, addiction, depression or other mental illness, are not physically or emotionally available to them. Mothering Ourselves is a unique place where moms can feel understood and find nurturing.

Please call me today at (916) 719-3218. I look forward to talking with you.

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