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San Francisco CA 94114
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Rajani Levis, MFT offers EMDR Therapy in San Francisco, CA 94114

Rajani: an EMDR Therapist in the Noe Valley neighborhood of San Francisco

Specialties: Trauma/PTSD, Stress and Anxiety, Domestic Violence, Bereavement and Loss (including pet loss), Death and Dying, Cross-Cultural Issues, Creative Work-Life Balance
Serving: Adults
Payment:  Private Pay and Sliding Fee Scale options are available.
License: #MFT51494


Discover Your Unique Journey to Wholeness

It is my honor to accompany you on a journey to discover what brings you alive. To help you uncover your true potential, we allow each unique challenge (both past and present) to be transformed into a healing impulse.  Together, we unearth and release old pain, trauma and stuckness; while discovering your unique journey to wholeness.

Using Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) as a healing modality, I have successfully helped clients heal from deep trauma such as domestic violence, sexual abuse, childhood wounding, addiction, relationship issues, and grief. Through artfully weaving in the personal, inter-personal, trans-personal and cultural, I bring into focus the vivid tapestry of your rich and varied life-experience. This allows for a strength-based, solution-focused approach, unique to you.

Having been raised in a multicultural environment, I am fluent in English, Hindi, Bangla and Tamil with a wide exposure to other Indian languages and Japanese. Almost two decades of cross-cultural experiences in living, studying and working on two continents have nurtured my flexibility, curiosity and creativity as a therapist. I also believe that a dedicated mindfulness practice, as well as a thoughtful self-inquiry practice allow me to be a compassionate, authentic and nurturing presence in the lives of others.

Please contact me if I can be of help on your journey. I can be reached by calling 415 683 1008 or emailing me at I offer a free thirty-minute phone consultation to help you get started. I look forward to speaking with you.


Rajani as a Therapist:

” Without a doubt, the work I did with you has been a powerful catalyst for positive change. I don’t know how I coped before EMDR. It has really helped me to put my past behind me and be more present for my life today. I couldn’t have done it without your compassionate presence and EMDR.” ~ Karina*    


“I had seen three therapists before I started working with you. In these short six months, I have resolved longstanding resentment towards my father, found a way to consistently exercise and to stop using food as comfort. EMDR and you have been pivotal in learning to live more fully, eat mindfully and have a healthier relationship with my partner.” ~ Rex*


Rajani as a Therapist to other therapists:

“As a licensed clinician who supervises other therapists, I came into therapy feeling cautious, but instantly felt compassionately held in your presence. I was able to heal old trauma from my childhood and see EMDR as an invaluable companion on the journey.” ~Debra*


“As a social work intern, I was nervous about being in therapy. Thank you for treating me as a colleague and a client. In just 8 sessions, our work together has already made a big difference in the way that I now sit with my clients.”   ~ Pedro


Rajani as a Group Facilitator:

“I have been impressed with Rajani’s ability to help the group feel at ease from day one. This has helped to build a cohesive group”. ~

Kelly *


* Names changed for confidentiality

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