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Moby Coquillard Offers EMDR Therapy in San Mateo

Moby Coquillard, MA, LMFT Specializes in EMDR Therapy in San Mateo, CA.  He is an EMDRIA-Certified EMDR Therapist.

Specialties:  PTSD, Trauma, Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Attachment Issues, Self Esteem, Grief & Loss, Performance Enhancement, Chronic Pain Relief/Pain Management, and Men and Childhood Trauma

Modalities:  EMDR Therapy (EMDRIA-Certified), Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy and Classes, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy

Serving:  Individual Adults, Couples, Adolescents

Insurance:  Private pay only; will help you submit claims for PPO reimbursement

License:  #MFC28341


Take the next step toward healing and being present…

My use of EMDR Therapy centers around helping people make a conscious choice to be happy and fulfilled, despite the circumstances in which they may find themselves.  EMDR is so incredibly hopeful because it opens new avenues to healing, at a quicker pace than traditional talk therapy.  I find it to be very empowering to the people I work with, as it facilitates a new relationship to the self.  The grounding force behind my therapeutic work and use of EMDR Therapy in San Mateo is this:  although we cannot control what life delivers to our doorstep, we can have an influence over how we relate to what happens to us.   This is true about the past, the present, and the future.

EMDR Therapy is an integral part of my work with others because it really facilitates a person’s natural ability to discover more adaptive ways of relating to their world (past, present, or future).  Given the opportunity through this modality of healing, people are able to revisit experiences in new ways that allow them more freedom in their present relationships.   I find that EMDR also builds a person’s confidence, because the approach strongly encourages and builds trust in oneself.

I have used EMDR to help many people reduce the distress, anxiety, and emotional suffering that has resulted from PTSD, whether it be a childhood trauma or a more recent disturbing event.  I have used EMDR Therapy in San Mateo with adult survivors of abuse enabling them to find more self love and relationship health.  People with social and performance anxiety have used EMDR with me to discover new ways to engage in their lives with more ease.  I also have used this approach to help people feel happier and be more successful in their personal and professional relationships.

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Here is a testimonial from a recent client of mine:

The sudden unexpected death of my brother, prompted me to seek psychotherapy again, as it brought to the forefront a number of issues that I had previously tried to resolve, but had not completely.  Through the skill of Moby, as well as the EMDR Therapy method, I gained completely new insights and understanding about myself and several key relationships in a relatively short time.  I also began the process of changing my perspective from that of punishing to nurturing myself.  I still have a journey to make, but I am now on the right path.  J.B.

I have provided psychotherapy to adults, couples, and adolescents in the Bay Area since 1991.  I love what I do and I look forward to the opportunity to work with you.  Please check out my website for more information about my practice.

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