Marykay Fisher Offers EMDR Therapy in La Mesa CA

Dr. Marykay Fisher, PsyD, LP specializes in EMDR Therapy in La Mesa.  She is an EMDRIA-Certified EMDR Psychologist.

Specialties:  Women with histories of childhood trauma, abuse, neglect; PTSD; Trauma-Related  Anxiety and Depression; Relationship Issues; Women’s Issues; Phase-of-Life

Insurance: Tricare Prime or Standard, Medicare, Self Pay, Sliding Scale Available.  Some PPOs may partially reimburse as out-of-network.

License:  PSY25344

Healing Psychological and Spiritual Wounds Caused by the Abuse of Power in Relationship

Many variables can lead to power imbalances:

   *the nature of the role (parent-child, priest-parishioner, husband-wife)

   *physical size and strength

   *financial prowess

   *or, simply greater willingness to do harm to accomplish one’s purpose.

When someone uses their power-over status to get their own way regardless of the harm they do to the other, that is an abuse of power–a relational trauma. Research comparing different kinds of traumatic events consistently shows that relational trauma carries the greatest risk for development of PTSD–greater even than combat trauma.

The abuse of power in general, and relational abuse in particular, are endemic world-wide, and now is the time to name and change that.  Dr. Fisher is committed to empowering her clients in their own lives, so they can in turn change the world.

Depression, for example, is often a weed that takes root in the toxic soil of physical, emotional or sexual abuse or neglect–as a child or in a current relationship.  It is perhaps best thought of as a disorder of attachment. In a healing relationship with a caring therapist, a woman can learn what a healthy relationship feels like.  She can thus learn to require the respect and dignity she deserves.

Dr. Fisher is skilled at meeting people where they are and building the kind of personal connections that make it safe to heal. She believes that you were born healthy and good, that you struggle only because you’ve been wounded, and that you have inside you everything you need to reach your potential–body, mind and soul.

EMDR Therapy in La Mesa CA

EMDR Therapy (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is the most powerful therapeutic tool in her arsenal of treatment approaches to help you clear away the clutter of the past and embrace your power.  It does this by creating conditions that maximize your brain’s own ability to move stuck mental contents to an adaptive resolution. Dr. Fisher has been using EMDR Therapy since 1995 and has been a Certified EMDR practitioner since 2003. She uses it extensively in her practice. Somatic approaches and mindfulness meditation are also helpful: they teach you to “ground”, be present and re-inhabit your body; desensitize anxiety triggers; release “body memories” and strengthen containment and self-regulation skills.

Dr. Fisher has spent a lifetime walking the path of spiritual practice, in her own way. Her intuitive skills, along with a broad knowledge of myth and symbol, add insight, depth and dimension to the healing work. She prefers to work with mature women who have the skills and motivation to “go deep” in the service of healing.

“MaryKay Fisher is a caring, knowledgeable therapist who brings a wealth of insight and experience to her work. EMDR Therapy with her not only helped me to let go of a troubled past, but encouraged me to trust in others again, and live life with a renewed sense of joy and hope. I am so grateful to have crossed paths with a professional who helped to transform my life.”  Mary V.

“I was so ready to move forward in my life and unchain my traumas and dramas. MaryKay knew how to unlock the patterns, and I was finally able to change and move forward. I am so happy now! My coping skills are so much better and life lessons have been made easier for me since my work with MaryKay.”  Dawn M.

“I came to MaryKay Fisher after breast cancer followed by several therapists and workshops. Nothing could lift my deep depression or fear. I constantly felt in shock. With MaryKay, I was finally diagnosed with PTSD and began my healing journey. Five years post cancer and I am finally and truly living life to its fullest and with joy. Thank you MaryKay!”  Rose M.

“Life is sort of like being on a roller coaster and MaryKay is the seat belt; she helps you feel a little more secure on a really scary ride!!!”  Lisa N.

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