Laurie Tetreault, LMFT, AC offers EMDR Therapy in Prescott

Laurie specializes in EMDR Therapy in Prescott.  She is a Certified EMDR Therapist and EMDRIA Approved Consultant.  

Specialties: PTSD trauma, Anxiety and panic disorders, treatment of First Responders and Military, Christian Counseling, Victims of crime/domestic violence, Parenting, Sex/Gambling addictions, abuse/neglect survivors
Modalities: EMDR Therapy  in Prescott (with specialty protocols for Addiction, Dissociation Management, Impulse control disorders, Recent Traumatic events), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Serving: Adolescents and Adults
Insurance: Private Pay, out-of-network provider
License: #MFT0405

Congratulations to you!

for venturing into health and recovery. If you are searching on this site, then you are familiar to some degree with the powerful trauma treatment known as EMDR Therapy. I have been using this approach to treatment for 20 years now, and cannot practice without it. It has revolutionized my clients in core ways.  I am so blessed to be a part of this healing community and to specialize in EMDR Therapy in Prescott. I am a consultant to other, newer EMDR therapists. I am a trainer of therapists within the EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Program, and sponsor advanced trainings to clinicians nationally. As you can see, I am SOLD!

You will find that I am a very frank, verbal, and straightforward clinician, who intends to get you on your feet and functioning in an optimum manner as soon as possible. I am successful in getting to the heart of the matter in a fairly rapid time.

Learning More about EMDR Therapy in Prescott

You can find articles and research about EMDR Therapy on this site. I encourage you to do your own homework to find out how it works. Dr. Francine Shapiro is the founder of EMDR Therapy. Her newest book, Getting Past Your Past, is an excellent lay read.  It will help you to understand the process and prepare you for your own work. We in the EMDR Therapy community are forever in Dr. Shapiro’s debt for her life-healing and empowering discovery.

I specialize in treating First Responders, military and those who are victims of severe trauma and neglect (as well as those specialties listed above). I urge you to make a decision about treatment without waiting another moment. The relief is remarkable, quick and life-lasting, without a reduction in efficacy.

May God richly bless and emblolden you on your journey!


“EMDR Therapy has relieved me of a horrible surgical trauma, along with a series of other traumas I experienced as a young boy. I call EMDR ‘watching the lights.’ What a relief!” — 62 year old male trauma survivor

“EMDR Therapy is truly a life-changing process….I wish I had gone through the procedure decades earlier.” — male retired military and active pilot

Please contact me if I can be of help on your journey.

I can be reached by calling 928-771-9422

or emailing me at

I’d be happy to discuss rates and my approach to treatment. I look forward to speaking with you.

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