Karen Harber Offers EMDR Therapy in Berkeley

Karen Harber, PhD, LCSW specializes in EMDR Therapy in Berkeley, CA.  She is an EMDRIA Certified EMDR Therapist, and an EMDRIA Approved Consultant.

Address: 919 The Alameda
Berkeley, CA 94707
Phone: (510) 526-7080
Email: kharber1@aol.com
Specialties: Relationship Issues, Trauma and PTSD, Anxiety and Fears, Phobias, Depression, Life Transitions, Grief and Loss, Headaches, Performance, Women’s Issues, Lifespan Integration and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, EMDR Therapy, EMDRIA-Approved Consultant helping other EMDR therapists become Certified
Serving: Individuals and Couples, gay and straight, ages: 19-80 years
License: #LCS 7458


I feel privileged to have facilitated and witnessed profound changes in many of my clients who come to me for EMDR Therapy in Berkeley. I have seen them develop a deeper understanding of themselves. I have seen them change unhealthy patterns. I have seen them overcome phobias, fears and anxieties. I have seen them heal from traumatic events. And I have seen them enjoy fulfilling relationships.
My twenty-five plus years in practice have shown me two important aspects of a successful therapy experience,  The first is the therapeutic relationship itself.  Second is the use of an integrative mind-body approach.
In order to help establish a good therapeutic relationship, I begin by creating a comfortable environment. I want you to feel safe to express emotions and explore difficult issues. I am very empathic and will listen to you with mindful attention and compassion. I am interactive and collaborative in my approach. Together we will decide the treatment modality that is best for you.
From my work over the years, I have seen that most healing comes from an integrative body-mind approach. About fifteen years ago I was trained in EMDR Therapy and have incorporated this work into my practice. (I am certified in EMDR, I am an EMDRIA approved consultant, and I have facilitated small groups of therapists in their practice of EMDR at a number of EMDR Institute trainings).

EMDR Therapy Can Bring Relief — a Gift!

EMDR is a powerful approach to therapy that can help to transform and clear trauma, disturbing emotions and limiting beliefs. It is a joy to behold trauma cleared, and overwhelming emotion desensitized, or a negative belief transformed. There is often a feeling of relief and a sense of being unburdened. The client is then able, sometimes for the first time, to see and connect with their healthier self. This can feel like a gift for the person’s entire system: mind, body and spirit. What has seemed impossible for so long now becomes possible.

Are Your Emotions Getting in Your Way?

If you have overwhelming emotions that tend to get you in trouble or you are having difficulty expressing yourself in an effective manner, I can help you.  You can learn to regulate what’s problematic and develop resources that will calm your system. Dealing with the emotions and issues that are getting in your way will lead you to being more of who you want to be in your life and in your relationships.

How Long Might EMDR Therapy in Berkeley Take?

Yes, it is often difficult to change old patterns and behaviors. The treatment time will vary depending on the complexity of the trauma. I have seen that with EMDR, the healing process is speeded up and change does occur more quickly than with traditional psychotherapy.

I am invested in helping people have healthy relationships with themselves and more deeply satisfying relationships with their partners. I have expertise working with individuals and couples, gay and straight, 18-80 years of age.

I have successfully treated clients with relationship issues, PTSD, early childhood trauma, phobias, fears, anxiety, depression and those going through life transitions such as pregnancy, divorce, illness, job change and loss.

I also have advanced training in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and Lifespan Integration, other mind-body approaches which are also especially effective with healing trauma.

I look forward to receiving your call and to answer any questions you may have. I am interested to find out what you would like to work on together to help you achieve what is most important to you. 

Please call me at (510) 526-7080.

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