Jeffrey Smith, LMFT, AC Offers EMDR Therapy in Vista

Jeffrey Smith, LMFT, AC specializes in  EMDR Therapy in Vista and North San Diego County.  He is an EMDRIA-Certified EMDR Therapist and EMDRIA-Approved Consultant.

Specialties: Relationship Issues, ADD and ADHD and Impulse Control, Borderline Personality Disorder and Thought Disorders, Brainspotting Protocol, Addictions and Substance Abuse, Performance Enhancement, Loss and Grief, Trauma, PTSD, Sexual Disorders and Sexual Abuse Recovery and Sleep Disorders.
Serving: Individual Adults and Children, Couples and Families in North San Diego County and Vista

Modalities:  EMDR Therapy in Vista, Strategic Counseling
Insurance: PPO’s, Tricare, Victims of Crime, and Private Pay
License: #MFC 36687


Expecting the Best from Life!

Understanding who I am, why I think, feel and behave the way I do – learning to change how I think, and change the rest of my life ahead – it’s time to get moving in this direction!

Your life expectations – are they realistic? Are they based on faith, hope and love, sound principals, practical lifestyle, safe people and adequate self-care? Do you attract healthy people into your life? Can you identify healthy and safe people from those who are not?

“I’ve said it before, but your help has been priceless.  I am very impressed with your skills, knowledge and (most important) results.” – 50 yr. old male consultant

Bringing twenty years of full-time experience and combining the best practices in neural science, military strategy, human behavior, philosophy and theology, Jeff’s Strategic Counseling Model provides the structural framework to guide you through the difficult process of change. Jeff’s approach toward healthy change carefully balances a progressive and strategic format while still maintaining the sensitivities needed for healing in a client centered approach.

The Strategic Counseling Model is built from the ground up on a five-tiered model for generating motion, creating action and thus generating healthy change.  The five tiers are neural (brain) science, attachment theory (intimacy), emotional trauma recovery (of PTSD using EMDR), spiritual awareness and physical health (self care).

The hallmark of Strategic Counseling is its use of networking with a consortium of leading scientists. These researchers and clinicians specialize in the areas of neural imaging (SPECT scan), emotional trauma (EMDR Therapy in Vista), environmental stress, and discerning safe from unsafe people, establishing healthy relational boundaries, creating real intimacy, generating fulfilling lifestyles and establishing adequate self care. This level of professional networking includes case collaboration, psychiatric evaluation, psychological testing, medical evaluation and sometimes, medication management. This professional feedback loop is essential in assisting you toward reaching your established life goals. In essence, the use and application of this systemic network effectively role models and reinforces the team approach toward healthy living.

I look forward to hearing from you as we work toward the rest of your life being the best part! Mention this website to receive a $20 discount on your first session. Please call me at (760) 207-6617.

Jeff Smith is an EMDR Therapist in Vista.  He helps with Performance Enhancement, Sex Issues, Sleeping Disorder, Borderline Personality and ADD/ADHD.

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