Jean Ghanem-Ybarra, PsyD offers EMDR Therapy in Temecula

Jean Ghanem-Ybarra, PsyD specializes in EMDR Therapy in Temecula.  She is an EMDRIA-Certified EMDR Psychologist in Temecula.

Specialties: Anxiety, Trauma and PTSD, Loss and Grief, Panic Disorder, Stage of Life Concerns, Parent/Child relational issues, Birth trauma, Addressing Mind/Body/Spirit, Difficulty regulating emotions, Anger, Stress Management, Performance, Test Anxiety, Therapist Issues/Self Growth, Spirituality, Personal Growth, Sexual Assault/Molestation

Modalities: EMDR Therapy in Temecula, Brainspotting, Meditation/Guided Imagery, Existential, Humanistic Approach
Serving: Adults and Adolescents in and near Temecula, Murrietta Hot Springs
Insurance: Private Pay, most PPOs reimburse a portion of the fee, Tricare, Victims of Crime Program
License: #

EMDR Therapy in Temecula for Compassionate, Present, Person-Centered Ways to Heal

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Does your mind just “go and go” with thoughts, ideas, an endless “to-do list”? Do you wake up at night with anxiety, a sense of dis-ease or discomfort, or even a panic attack? Have you found yourself repeating the same patterns of communication with others with little benefit? Or you keep experiencing more difficulty in your relationships but find it hard to stop your patterns?

Birth Stress or Trauma?

Was your experience giving birth not what you wanted, “expected” or hoped for? Has it leaked into your self-esteem or the way you parent/think you “should” parent? These situations can leave us feeling alone, isolated, helpless, hopeless and/or confused.

If there is one thing you go away with after reading this:

know that you are not alone. I have worked with so many wonderful people over my years in private practice that have had these experiences and more, and have found healing through EMDR Therapy in Temecula.

I have been an EMDRIA-Certified EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) psychologist since 2006. I have been using EMDR with my clients since my initial training in 2005. I cannot imagine not using this amazing therapy. I can only describe the changes I have seen in my clients as heart warming, exciting, beautiful, and so full of hope. You do not need to live in such stuckness or fear, or emotional reactivity, or sadness.  You no longer need to compromise who you are and your spirit.  You can get back in touch with your essence and your strengths!  There is major hope!

I believe that we all have the strength and ability to help ourselves heal, but that innate knowledge was somehow hidden or wiped away by things we were told or heard or somehow came to believe. I have worked from an Existential/Humanistic approach since I began my training in 1996 in my Master’s program. It fits with my view of a person: we are all relating the best we can in sometimes very difficult situations, and we do have the ability to relate better, if shown a path to that betterment and growth.

Here is a story of what EMDR Therapy has done for someone with whom I worked, printed with her permission:

“I’d thought that I had everything under control, that the traumatic events of my past had all been ‘managed.” I’d successfully built my walls around several sexual assaults. I thought I’d fully understood and come to grips with my ‘abandonment’ issues.

“Then suddenly I didn’t have everything under control.

“My marriage began to suffer, my job became a nightmare. I couldn’t sleep. I began to hate my life and I couldn’t find any joy in the world. Then I had my first panic attack at work. Luckily a coworker took me to the ER and even luckier, the ER doctor recognized the panic attack and recommended therapy. That’s when I found Dr. Ibarra and EMDR.

“I had built my walls, but I’d never faced my traumas. And without facing them and resolving them, they would always stand in the way of my ability to be ME. They stood in the way of even knowing who ‘ME’ was.

“It wasn’t the easiest thing I’ve ever done in my life. EMDR opens up the past very thoroughly. Like a wound that’s been safely covered for years, ripping off that covering to actually allow the wound to heal is scary. The pain of sudden exposure is real. But it’s short-lived. And the healing is so very worth it!

“I can truly say from the depth of my soul, that not only is my life better after EMDR therapy…I’M better. I’m better as a wife, a mother, a business person…I’m better at being MYSELF.

“I can finally say that I didn’t deserve those terrible things that happened to me, and even better, I finally FEEL it and KNOW it to be true.

“Take the chance. It will change your life!”   BT, 30 year-old professional/mother/spouse

Are you ready to be unstuck, to embark on your path to wholeness and healing and self-acceptance?

Please feel free to call me with questions, to set some time aside to talk and find out how we may work together. We can find out if I am the right therapist for you, and if not, I will help you find another EMDR therapist I know in the community.

I look forward to hearing from you.

You may reach me directly at (760) 443-1355.

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