Gretchen Mallios, LCSW, RYT specializes in EMDR Therapy in Mission Valley 92108.

She is an EMDRIA-Certified EMDR Therapist.

Specialties:  Maternal Mental Health (pregnancy and postpartum depression and anxiety), early childhood trauma and neglect, attachment    
Serving: Infants, young children and their parents; adults

Languanges:  English

Modalities:  EMDR Therapy, (Early Trauma Protocol, Attachment Focused EMDR), Mindfulness, Reflective Practice
Insurance: Anthem (EAP Only), Tricare Standard, Private Pay.
License: LCSW 26381



Experienced EMDR Therapist centrally located in San Diego

As a social work professional with over 15 years of experience, I have had the opportunity to work with many clients and families on a variety of important and sensitive peronal issues. I believe deeply in the human capacity not only to heal, but to grow stronger and more whole through the process.  This is why EMDR Therapy is such a gratifying treatment approach for me as a professional.  I am able to witness people find resolution and clarify about events that have happened to them that, for whatever reason, left them feeling less than whole.

My practice values are guided by my training both in social work and in trauma:

Transparency:  I explicitly explain to every client what my impressions are, how I understand their story, and what approach I recommend we take to address their concerns.

Respect:  I hold my clients in the highest regard, genuinely believing that whatever is concerning them is not to be judged by myself or anyone else. It is their experience and perception of their situation that matters most and I feel honored to bear witness to their narrative and journey.

Client centered:  While it is my professional responsibility to develop recommendations and impressions of the therapeutic work to be done, it is ultimately the client’s choice and decision. I respect my clients’ ability to know what will work for them, while also offering guidance, support and coaching where it seems needed, to encourage a person in the right direction. This creates a sense of safety and control that is essential to a positive therapeutic experience.

Compassion:  I believe that a sincerely felt sense of compassion and being understood is at the heart of healing. It is a fundamental aspect of my values and approach as a therapist.


What was most helpful in working with Gretchen was her ability to quickly identify the most pressing issue, actively work on it at the pace most supportive to me.  And her compassion…Gretchen brings her wisdom, experience, intuition, compassion, healthy guidance and peaceful attitude to her clients, allowing a co-creation of healing to unfold in a beautiful manner. Just perfect for each individual. My work with Gretchen was life-changing and I was able to finally find peace and joy in my life. Thank you Gretchen!”   — Parent of 4, including young child with special needs

Gretchen is not only wise and well skilled but is able to hold a grounding and safe space for healing. Her use of dynamic healing modalities is refreshing in that it allows change to come about quickly and safely. She combines her knowledge and wisdom of both mind and body to allow for longstanding change on many levels. Gretchen’s many years of experience along with her deep compassion and desire to truly help one heal is like no one I have ever met.  — Parent of 2, survivor of perinatal loss

If you are considering beginning personal growth work or healing an old issue or trauma, you may contact me at (619) 265-5263 for a brief phone consultation to see if I am a good fit for you. I wish you the best on your journey, wherever it takes you.

EMDR Therapy in Mission Valley, San Diego