Kalpana Murthy, MBA, MS, LPC Offers EMDR Therapy in Atlanta

Kalpana Murthy specializes in EMDR Therapy in Atlanta.  She is an EMDRIA-Certified EMDR Therapist.   

Modalities: EMDR Therapy in Atlanta, EMDR Recent Event Protocol, Counseling, Career Coaching

Serving:  Adults

Insurance: Out-of-Network Provider, Clients Self-Pay
License: Georgia LPC005934 

Website:   www.genuine-connection.com 

Your Past Does Not Need To Hold You Back 

…from enjoying your present and the possibilities in your future.

Do you sometimes feel not good enough or that you can’t get what you want in your personal life or career no matter what you try or how hard you work?

Does anxiety or depression hold you back or create problems in your relationships or career?

Do you want to spend less time in therapy and more time enjoying your life?

As a therapist and career coach in Atlanta, I help men and women resolve the personal and professional challenges of life. I view my clients as mentally healthy individuals having an understandable reaction to difficult situations. I especially enjoy helping adults increase their self-confidence and recover from childhood abuse, emotional neglect, trauma, and recent stressful experiences. These types of experiences often cause a loss of self-esteem, shame, indecision, worry, sadness, relationship problems and career dissatisfaction

Sometimes clients ask if EMDR Therapy is right for them if they feel they did not have a difficult childhood, abuse or trauma. Almost all of us have had experiences of criticism, rejection, shame, embarrassment, nervousness, feeling not good enough or not receiving sufficient attention, affection or affirmation. While people often don’t label these experiences as traumatic, these types of experiences can get stored in your brain in a way that they are contributing to present day discomfort or problems.

When applicable, I integrate EMDR Therapy in Atlanta with coaching to help clients enhance their self-confidence and performance for sales calls, presentations, public speaking, job interviews, social situations, and to move through writer’s block.

My early career in marketing communications and career coaching, combined with my expertise in counseling, therapy, trauma recovery, and brain health education, enable me to offer my clients several types of services tailored to their interests and needs. I provide an active, results focused approach to problem solving, and an integrated path to wellness.

My counseling style is friendly, direct and supportive. My clients comment on how easy it is to talk with me, my skill at quickly connecting the dots in the information they share with me, and how they can tell I really care about them.

My personal experience with the effectiveness of EMDR therapy in Atlanta led me to specialize in it. I value how quickly EMDR therapy helps clients shift negative thoughts, reduce discomfort, and achieve lasting problem resolution, emotional healing, insight, and an increased sense of well-being. It would take months or years of traditional talk therapy or executive coaching to produce the benefits I’ve seen clients experience in a short time with EMDR therapy. My website includes two videos I created about EMDR therapy.

Client Testimonials for Kalpana Murthy, EMDR Therapist Atlanta

“Throughout the course of my adult life, I have struggled off and on with bouts of depression. I have seen numerous counselors over the past 15 years. When I sought Kalpana’s professional services, I was really struggling at work. I wasn’t sure if the problem was professional or emotional. I chose Kalpana because of her counseling and career coaching backgrounds. I thought someone with both skill sets would be very beneficial to me.

I was very at ease with Kalpana immediately. While maintaining the professional bounds of a counselor, I still felt more like I was talking with a trusted friend than a counselor. We had a great rapport and she was able to put me at ease such that I could express the feelings that I work so hard to repress during the course of “my normal” life and talk through them. In a relatively short period of time, I made significant progress, such that I no longer felt so frantic and confused.

To this day, I consider Kalpana one of the people who have had the most significant impact to effect positive change in my life. I would recommend her, both as a counselor and as a career coach, to any of my friends or colleagues.”

— Male Client in his 40’s


” The therapy I’ve done with Kalpana has helped me more than any other therapy I’ve had over my whole life. I finally feel “unstuck” and able to move forward. Kalpana helped me tremendously to get through a difficult time and helped me see how all the anxiety I was experiencing was linked to early unresolved childhood trauma. Her counseling helped me so much. My anxiety is still way down and not all-consuming the way it used to be. Kalpana made a difference in my life. She does GREAT work!”

Female Client in her 30’s


“When I came to Kalpana I was in a place of darkness. I’d been attending cognitive behavioral therapy for almost 2 years, but was making little headway in overcoming a traumatic event from my childhood that had bled into my adulthood. EMDR was my last option before taking anti-depressants, which is something I wanted to avoid if it at all possible. In only 8 sessions with Kalpana, I found a freedom I was worried I would never have again without medication. I no longer suffer with symptoms of PTSD like I had before I started EMDR. I am able to walk through life now so much lighter thanks to the relief EMDR brought me. I am so grateful to Kalpana for guiding me through to healing.”

Female Client in her 20’s


I love the work I do as a counselor, therapist and career coach. I am grateful for the privilege of hearing clients’ stories and witnessing people heal, make a change, or improve their well-being. I look forward to connecting with you soon.

If you’d like to have an initial phone consultation or have questions, please call me at


or email at kalpana@genuineconnection.com.

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