David M. Ross, LCSW Offers EMDR Therapy Hillcrest

David Ross specializes in EMDR Therapy Hillcrest.  He is an EMDRIA-Certified EMDR Therapist in the Hillcrest Neighborhood of San Diego.

Specialties: Trauma and PTSD, Addictions (including substance use, smoking, gambling, relationship), Depression, Anxiety or Fears, Relationship Issues, Gay/Lesbian Issues, Men’s Issues, Life Transitions

Treatment Modalities: EMDR Therapy Hillcrest, Feeling State Addiction Protocol, Motivational Interviewing, Positive Psychology

Serving: Adults–Men and Women–through Individual, Couples and Group

Insurance:  Tricare Standard and Private Pay adjustable

License: #LCS 18572

Website:  www.davidrosslcsw.com




Therapy that is Respectful, Empathic, Positive and Transformative

Have you been struggling with releasing and healing the pain of the past – sadness, loss, depression, anxiety or a sense of hopelessness.?  Are you equally committed to moving forward with your life, to resolving what is blocking you and creating the life you want?

The world of psychotherapy–like the world in general–is dramatically shifting and changing.  EMDR Therapy is one prime example. The Feeling State Addiction Protocol (Utilizing EMDR) is a second development and a major breakthrough in the treatment of addictions and addictive behaviors.  A third is the recent movement from the new field of “Positive Psychology,” to give well-being and happiness equal therapeutic attention along with the resolution of trauma, depression, anxiety and other disorders.  It is exciting to bring these creative and researched based practices of healing and thriving to you.


“David Ross is a gifted therapist.  His gentleness, compassion and insightfulness earned my confidence and trust. His use of the EMDR technique helped me make lasting breakthroughs through some very difficult life situations.  I highly recommend him and remain full of gratitude.” -RC, San Diego 

The Wounded Healer

Contrary to common belief, it is not necessary that we have the same struggle or experience in order to help others with their particular issues. However it does help that we too have experienced suffering and healing to appreciate and understand the inner process by which limitation is transformed into personal power.

Seeking Help is Strength Building

Suffering is part of life-it is what we do with that suffering that makes the difference. To seek help is strength building, acknowledging that no man (or woman) is an island.  Further, relief from suffering together with a focus on wellbeing allows us to move in the direction of creating a powerful life; a life of our choice based on what gives us greatest meaning and satisfaction.


Relegate Trauma to the Past with EMDR Therapy Hillcrest

EMDR Therapy is a research-based therapy employing a bilateral left/right brain hemisphere process for healing trauma and painful life issues. I have used EMDR Therapy as a standard practice for the past decade as my experience demonstrates that this method is highly effective and deeply respectful. In working through past trauma with EMDR Therapy, the past is truly relegated to the past. Clients consistently report that intrusive and painful memories no longer bring distress. Simply put, EMDR Therapy heals.

David helped me release everything that was holding me back from experience joy and love and peace in my daily life. 
Having tried several therapeutic techniques,  I found EMDR Therapy to be the most focused way for healing trauma and emotional blockages.  It has improved every relationship in my life especially the relationship with myself.    Jimmy J., San Diego


My Work with Co-occurring Substance Use and Mental Disorders

Concurrent with my private practice I served as Clinical Director and Project Coordinator for two non-profit residential drug and alcohol treatment programs. I supervised and trained staff and graduate interns in the treatment of co-occurring substance use and mental disorders. This included training and supervision of staff in Motivational Interviewing, a research-based humanistic treatment for addictions and other life issues in which part of us wants to change and part of us wants to stay the same. The core of Motivational Interviewing is empathy.

Integrating EMDR Therapy Hillcrest, The Feeling State Addiction Protocol, Motivational Interviewing and Positive Psychology is transformative.

“David helped me during a time when I realized I was losing my beautiful, adult daughter to alcohol addiction.  For two sessions he listened and asked thoughtful questions about us.  I focused on the drinking, but did share all of the “positives” about her.
 At the first of the 3rd session he said, “Your daughter is not a ‘drinker’.”  I was stunned!  Had he not been listening at all?  Then he proceeded to repeat back to me all of the positive things that she was.”  This skillful shift of focus lifted a huge weight from me, and changed my whole was of thinking about her. He was also helpful in directing me to certain literature and resources  which have been helpful as I continue struggling with her addiction.  I mentally thank David every day for pulling me back from an abyss of helplessness and hopelessness.”  —  Carol W., San Diego

Welcome to My Counseling Office in Hillcrest

I look forward to welcoming you to EMDR Therapy Hillcrest, to my comfortable office and talking with you about your needs and the services I offer. Recognizing the difficulty of these economic times and private pay, I am glad to discuss a sliding fee if your situation calls for assistance.

David Ross is a Certified EMDR Therapist in Hillcrest (near downtown San Diego) specializing in trauma and PTSD, addictions, depression and anxiety, couples and relationship counseling, and men’s issues. His focus is more than the resolution of past and current events such as trauma, depression and anxiety–it is about creating a life of thriving.

New Positive Psychology Wellbeing Group Starts May-June 2013 from 6:30 to 8:30 PM

Beginning May/June 2013, I will offer an ongoing group for individuals based on the validated practices of Positive Psychology. Please contact me for further details.

David also specializes in consultation and supervision of human service personnel and graduate and postgraduate social work and MFT interns.

David Ross, San Diego therapist

Call today for free phone consultation or to schedule an appointment. (619) 876-2014


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