Andrea Lambert, LMFT offers EMDR Therapy in Sacramento, CA

EMDR Therapist in Sacramento, CA 95481

Specialties: Severe abuse as a child; incest and molest issues, addictions (including stop smoking), anger management, adult children of alcoholics (ACA), acting out issues with teens, depression, grief/loss, relationships and marital issues, domestic violence, anxiety/fear, stress, gay/lesbian issues, performance anxiety and test anxiety
Serving: Young children, Teens, Adults, and Couples through EMDR Therapy in Sacramento
Insurance: PPO’s, Aetna, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Anthem and others; Private Pay
License: #MFT007126

If You are Passionate about Improving Your Life and Being Happy in Sacramento, check out EMDR Therapy with Andrea Lambert, LMFT

Over 35 years of successful experience in clearing away the root cause of problems vs. only working on the symptoms. Now with over 6 years of experience with using EMDR as an EMDR Practitioner with my clients, I am so enthused how EMDR can clear out the most intense buried feelings, limiting beliefs, addictions and traumas in shorter times than with traditional talk therapy. I so appreciate that EMDR gives clients the clear conviction that lasting changes are possible. I keep up with the most advanced technologies in the field of counseling, and believe EMDR is definitely at the top.

I took my EMDR training in 2004 from the founder of EMDR, Francine Shaprio, PhD, through the EMDR Institute.

As you can see from my web site,, I stand for 12 results which I consistently see happen with my clients. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist since 1975, for 35 years. I’ve co-led my Self-Awareness Weekend once a month since 1983, for 27 years. I use the treatment approaches of Redecision, Transactional and Gestalt Therapies, which all seek to create permanent changes and results. Thus, EMDR fits in very well with what I stand for: to get to the root cause of problems vs. just working with the symptoms. Many of my clients get off of medications after working with me.


“I can barely remember the traumatic event!!!!! after our EMDR session. I am free and say EMDR is like magic! Thank you!” C. J. Sacramento, CA

“I saw Andrea for EMDR to help me with my Hershey candy cravings. I knew the candy was a weekly reward from my Dad as a child after my parents divorced. I had done some talk therapy around my chocolate cravings and thought I pretty much had a handle on controlling them. I am diabetic and overweight. Today I can pass by chocolate and not associate it with abandonment, loneliness, brokenness or shame. My cravings do not exist. I am free from eating numerous candy bars a day to feel any void. EMDR was life changing and life-affirming for me.” R.J. Sacramento, CA

“I saw Andrea for EMDR for my sexual molest as a child. My life before EMDR was like waiting for the other shoe to drop. I set upon a course of counseling. Retreats and weekend experiences. I searched for answers to find out what was wrong with me. I was molested by one of my mother?s boyfriends in the back seat of the car while my mother was driving! She did nor said nothing. Both “adults” were DRUNK! ” This horrible, painful, molest wasn’t “just” a memory…it was an IMPRINT on the soul of my inner child. Thanks to Andrea Lambert I was led through the therapeutic process of EMDR and I was able to scream out loud, “mom why don’t you love me?” Today my inner child no longer waits for an imagined shoe to drop and hurt her. A soul, so small and fragile has been healed and cleansed from the rejection and abandonment of her mother and the madness of a man to act out his sexual needs on a child. I feel inside a peace and gentleness toward myself I could not imagine before now. EMDR will change your life, my friend, help yourself to the healing you deserve.”  J.J. Sacramento, CA

You are welcome to call me at (866) 204-6384 or (916) 966-0411 to ask any questions, clear any concerns, discuss what issues you want to solve and make an appointment for an EMDR session in my office or by phone. I have experience working with smoking addictions over the phone with success.

If you are interested in a counseling and therapy program with rapid and lasting results like EMDR, then you may be interested in the Self-Awareness Weekend Counseling Program.

EMDR therapy is available in the SAW program.

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