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Alexa Foster, PhD Offers EMDR Therapy in Mission Viejo

Alexa Foster, PhD Offers EMDR Therapy in Mission Viejo

Dr. Alexa Foster specializes in EMDR Therapy in Mission Viejo, CA 92691.  She is an EMDRIA-Certified EMDR Therapist

Specialties: EMDR Therapy in Mission Viejo (Dr. Foster is an EMDRIA-Certified EMDR Therapist), creativity and performance enhancement, trauma resolution, family relationships and parenting
Serving: Adults and teens of Orange County
Payment:  Private Pay
License: #PSY 18454

Off the Couch Psychology — Therapies for Creative Transformation and Trauma Resolution

My practice, Off the Couch Psychology, in Mission Viejo, specializes in transformational therapies for adults and teens. These   are  effective, research-based therapies that lead to increased vitality, productivity and well. .

I aim to get you off the psychologists couch (or chair) and moving in the right direction as soon as possible.

My clients come from all walks of life but are often concerned with the following:

Performance and creativity: Many of my clients are engaged in creative or business endeavors that require top performance and quality output. Therapy typically focuses on performance goals as well as increasing flow experiences, clearing away internal obstacles, increasing creativity and boosting overall effectiveness.

Transitions: These clients are knee-deep in change — some desired, some not. Treatment focuses on adapting to present circumstances, mouring what is lost (when appropriate), and identifying new directions. I work often with young adults who are starting their post-college lives and need to sort through possible futures and how to attain them. I also work with clients facing retirement, divorce or other major transitions. If anxiety or depression are present, these are also primary therapeutic targets.

Trauma: Many of us have trauma in our pasts — either from serious chronic stressors (often in childhood) or major life-threatening events. Clients with unresolved trauma often wrestle with panic attacks, depression, relationship instability and/or physical illness. The primary goal of trauma therapy is to process old trauma so it no longer interferes with present-day living.

Important relationships: Relationships are crucial to well-being but, unfortunately, are often the source of stress and disappointment. Couples or family therapy involves developing tolerance for difference, learning to manage and learn from conflict, healing from relationship wounds and enhancing closeness. Family work may also include parent coaching and individual therapy with parents or offspring.

How Off the Couch Psychology is different: When you walk into Off the Couch Psychology you will find an environment that calls to your highest self. My practice is geared toward helping clients get in touch with their strengths and lead larger, more interesting and congruent lives. I integrate leading-edge therapies such as EMDR Therapy with the best of traditional techniques to provide highly individualized treatment. Your therapy will be drawn from a large pool of interventions based on your specific goals, needs and comfort.

My unique background: I am a licensed clinical psychologist with subspecialties in performance enhancement, trauma resolution, therapist development and parenting. Prior to studying psychology, I worked as a newspaper reporter and freelance journalist for ten years. I draw on my experience in the trenches of journalism, along with carefully chosen psychological interventions, to help clients overcome blocks and stuckpoints. It is my personal goal that therapy be a positive, though sometimes demanding, experience for all clients and that positive results be speedy and dramatic.

Live Life Fully Through EMDR Therapy in Mission Viejo

Off the Couch Psychology specializes in therapy for adults and teens. My aim is to get you going in the right direction as quickly as possible. Please read the full profile to learn about my philosophy, subspecialties and interventions

An invitation: Once you have read my profile, please feel free to contact me for a free 45-minute consultation to see if my services are right for you. Please mention this profile and bring a printout to your appointment. I have a lovely office in downtown Mission Viejo, minutes off the 1-5 freeway and close to the 73 tollroad. For more information,

please call my office at 949-916-0711.

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