Visualization: Proven to Help Heal Cancer

Visualization to heal cancer is a form of prayer or affirmation.  It is a fun form because it engages your own creativity.


Visualization has been proven to help heal cancer. This has been known for decades.* In fact, the inventor and first researcher of EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy) recovered from her cancer in the 80’s in part through visualization she learned with her psychologist. She was a professor and PhD in literature, and so impressed with her results that she decided to get a PhD in psychology as well! Francine Shapiro used visualization to heal cancer. This gave her psychological enthusiasm that became a blessing to the world when she discovered the principle that eye movements can help the brain shift the way it stores memories from dysfunctional to functional storage. She has a great mind for creating and researching a protocol, and then for teaching it with great care to therapists. Her trainings are the best I ever received.

Note:  We EMDR Therapists are very grateful that she is alive and well today, and celebrated with us the 25th Anniversary of EMDR research and practice in 2014.  In this period of time, the research on EMDR has earned it the status as one of the top 2 recommendations of the World Health Organization for the treatment of PTSD.

I’ve had no time to read or study much during this crisis, but our Master (he is a God-united master of himself and an example for us to become God-united masters of ourselves. Jesus said, “Know ye not that ye are gods?”) Paramahansa Yogananda, is spoon-feeding knowledge to us that is most relevant. I learned that everyone visualizing can use their own method, there is no need for all to do the same visualization. To me this would confirm what Yogananda has taught about healing of body, mind and soul. Prayers can heal all three. Medicines have their healing power at the physical level of the body. But it is limited without the help of mind, which is aligned with the heavenly or astral realm, and electrical energies. And that is also limited without the soul, or causal realm of creativity. I think the reason the learning I was recently given works so well is that each person is accessing the creativity of God’s consciousness. He likes us to be co-creators with Him.


Some samples of ways to visualize:


  1. Pacmen eating up the cancer and taking it away (this is what Francine Shapiro used)
  2. Lightning zapping tumors in lungs, liver, brain and floating cells wherever they may be
  3. The brilliant, all-healing light of God permeating all the cells of Dave’s body, so that no darkness can remain there.
  4. Something melting the tumors away and efficiently carrying the cells away through elimination.


Use your own creativity, and especially anything that gives you joy to visualize. Feel you are joyously working together with God for the greatest Good.

Another method of using creativity, in the form of art therapy, integrated into a group EMDR protocol, has been proved by research to be the only approach thus far that has helped cancer patients with the PTSD that can easily develop with diagnosis and treatment experiences.  Please see an article which describes how the group EMDR protocol was developed in answer to prayer:

Story of an EMDR Group Healing Protocol

And thank you for any creativity and joy your pour into healing Dave through visualization. Our hearts are filled to overfowing by your loving support.

*Sorry, I don’t have time to research it now, but may add to this in future.