Reducing Cancer Trauma – Cancer Treatment Tips

Learning from Cancer Specialists, Cancer Patients and Cancer Survivors for Improved Treatment Options  


NOTE: Please read my report on 2015 research demonstrating that the EMDR Group Treatment Protocol can resolve PTSD in cancer patients. I would also recommend it for their loved ones and caregivers who can definitely experience PTSD due to the fears of losing their loved one, and secondary traumatization related to diagnosis and difficult tests or treatments.

EMDR Group Treatment Protocol – Reducing Cancer Trauma

Let me begin by staying that I have not had a great deal of time for research, compared to many other cancer patients or loved ones of cancer patients. I’ve put in from 3 hours most weeks, to 8 hours this week, for the past 4 weeks since diagnosis. Thus this is certainly not an exhaustive review. There may be many things I’m excluding that are effective as well in treating cancer.

The thousands of people who are praying for my husband and myself since he was diagnosed with cancer this spring of 2015, powerfully make up for what I lack in time. I believe part of our answered prayer is being guided to very sincere, dedicated and enthusiastic integrative natural cancer specialists with treatments that fit our lives and our finances. To me this is a necessity because helping the immune system heal the body, and remain strong enough to do that, is what can make cancer treatment work in the long term. Some people rely completely on the natural approach. Some rely completely on the medical approach approved by the FDA. And more and more are taking an integrative approach, using the best of both worlds that they can access. The latter option is our goal. We work in open communication and harmony with both our teams of health care providers.

We carried to our first diagnosis day a book listing an anti-cancer diet based on naturopathic research. Author Jeff Primack optimistically calls it “Overcoming Any Disease”. We’ve been enjoying it as a reliable help for the little things that we’ve been overcoming from time to time. Thus it was a ready resource to turn to. A friend who is both an RN, and a holistic healthcare practitioner recommended it to us. To access the book

Find Jeff Primack’s website

Robert Borchert, MD of Tijuana, BC, Mexico is an MD, a Master of Homeopathy, and a Master Herbalist. He is also a natural cancer specialist. He has been guiding us from the start. My husband found that Jeff’s diet was way too much content for him, and he couldn’t digest it. Dr. Borchert guided him to add turmeric, cumin, asafoetida, raw onion and raw garlic to his diet. All are anti-cancer herbs, but the first 3 also promote digestion. My husband has found this made a tremendous difference, plus using a smaller quantity of foods recommended by Jeff. His digestion is now strong and he has an appetite for the first time in years. His pain is reduced to “discomfort.” This is occurring before the radiation and chemo begin shortly.

As an MD himself, Dr. Borchert appreciates what allopathic medicine has to offer in cancer treatment. He works to augment that and strengthen the body and immune system in many ways to fight the cancer and maintain/promote best health.

Gar Hildenbrand is an epidemiologist, methodologist and advocate for better cancer treatments. Two friends enthusiastically referred me to him as an international cancer expert. Because of the referral by mutual friends, he spent a great deal of time with me during two phone calls – totaling almost an hour and a half. Due to his passion for his missions, I caught his enthusiasm for both the history of treatments and his ongoing access to new research. It is his passion and thus there isn’t very much that would escape his enthusiasm for learning. He is also working with Iowa Senator ___ to improve access to proven treatments of the past that have gone on a permanent shelf in the FDA. More info about that later.

Gar confirmed some of the info I’d received from cancer patients about ways to help ameliorate the harmful effects of radiation. He also gave a researched and simple way to ameliorate the harmful effects of chemo.

He knows the complete history of an American cancer vaccine developed at the end of the 19th Century, tested at Memorial Sloan Kettering, and producing survival rates of 60-70% for a number of cancers in the 70s. It has not been available since that time, for reasons largely unrelated to that specific proven medication. In fact, the FDA admits (after the Freedom of Information Act was used to access their records) that their records indicate that it is not allowed in the US but they don’t know why.

As this article was nearing online publication, another tip came from our dear friend whose mother heard a hopeful piece on Public Radio. It is about a psychotherapist researcher, Dr. Kelly Turner, who studies “radical remissions” from cancer in cases where it came unexpectedly. She’s written a book and has a podcast about the 9 things these miracle cases had in common. To order the two items,

Link here

To see her website

For now I will link you to an article derived to my notes from our conversation. Gar reviewed the notes to correct any incomplete or inaccurate information about what he shared with me. I hope you find it as interesting and hopeful as I do.

Gar Hildenbrand’s generously shared info

CITATIONS PERTINENT TO WILLIAM B COLEY-2  (creator of Coley Vaccine for Cancer Treatment)

Newspaper article about FDA removing Coley Vaccine and refusing to give a hearing to individuals (only corporations have that right, per decision by Commissioner Don Kennedy).

If you feel inspired now to help improve cancer treatment in the US, and take a step with Iowa Senator Tom Harkin, please link to

The Coley Campaign

to help make the Coley vaccine (or Coley fluid) available in the US once again as it had been for about 7 decades until the FDA was unexpectedly given the task of reviewing all drugs by Congress.

I told Gar I am inspired to help his message reach more people, and hence this article is the vehicle for that.

Best wishes to you and/or your loved ones facing the challenge of cancer.   I wish you well.

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