Recent Community Tragedies and Disasters: EMDR Can Help

Thank you to Katy Murray, LICSW, BCD for sharing the information and resources below:

The EMDR Research Foundation has posted Translating Research Into Practice Links for a number of articles that focus on current research on use of EMDR with recent events and community disasters, and one that focuses on working with children exposed to disaster. The articles are full-text and free to anyone. 

Our WordPress blog:

(note that there are entries on 12/16 and 12/18 with links to articles)


Our Facebook page:

(note that there are quite a few relevant entries with links to articles)


I encourage you to forward these links to the EMDR clinicians you serve, post them on your website, or share them on Facebook.


For those of you interested in our new Translating Research Into Practice (TRIP) article in the Journal of EMDR Practice and Research, you can download the editorial announcing the column at:

ctrl/click here for Maxfield editorial on TRIP


You can download the first TRIP article (on EMDR with Grief) at:

ctrl/click here for TRIP article on Grief

This article describes EMDR Grief treatment of 3 individuals in varying circumstances.  Katy Murray wrote the article, and conveys even her own amazement at how well EMDR served her clients.


ALL of these full text articles may be downloaded at no charge – available for EMDRIA members and non-members.