How to Gain Amazing Office Growth and Support

How to Gain Amazing Office Growth and Support

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by Dana Terrell, LCSW, EAC

The Dental Office that Sets the Bar High

200lindsay.bosworthWhen I first moved to San Diego, I had the privilege of working in a remarkable dental office.  Though I am now a psychotherapist now specializing in EMDR therapy for trauma or performance enhancement issues, EMDR research had not yet been published in 1988. While hunting for my ideal job*, I found part-time work in the office of Dr. Richard Lindsay, DDS.

Dentists and Staff Focused on Excellence

It was extremely impressive to me that Dr. Richard Lindsay and Dr. Robert Bosworth (and their innovative mentors who originally owned the practice), set aside one morning a month to discuss the question:  “How can we improve our service to our patients?”


200assistantsResults were pretty amazing.  Several patients told me they left this office when their dental insurance changed, but quickly switched back.  Why? Though they first chose a dentist who was more affordable with the new insurance, their new dentists had expressed awe about the quality of the dentistry in their mouth!  They decided their teeth were worth it, and came back.

Taking a Small Break from Patients to “Refocus and Recharge” Your Service to Patients and Each Other

200hygienistsI encourage you and your office to consider adding one time each month in which you do not see patients, but instead look for ways to boost your service to your patients, and support to each other.  It may be hard these days to take a full morning.  So, perhaps begin with one hour, or two.






Dental Staff are considerate, friendly, peaceful, confident

200officestaffI find this is still an energized office, though many people have been here over twenty years!  All the staff are alert, kind, considerate, friendly, peaceful, and confident.  They give their utmost attention to each patient having a very positive office visit.

Their clear purpose is to support their patients and each other, which leads them to develop unique solutions to problems.  For instance, they begin work at 7 am, take lunch at 11 and close at 4 pm.  They accommodate patients needs for early morning and lunch hour appointments, and they skip traffic!

Is there room for a little more “Amazing” in your office?



About the author, Dana Terrell, LCSW, EAC

*“I now definitely have my ideal job, as an EMDR therapist whose mission is to help people learn about this amazing therapy that helps people quickly overcome distressing, stressful or traumatic experiences, or enhance their ability to bring their best to their performance in any realm of life important to them.  EMDR is a Comprehensive Therapy Approach, hence the name of this website.  It’s my goal to inform Health Care Providers about the importance of trauma in the health of their patients.” 

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Comprehensive Care for Stressful or Traumatic Experiences.  This article is offered by caring Trauma-Informed Health Care Providers of all kinds to their patients who have experienced trauma.

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