How Geothermal Stress can Impact Physical and Emotional Illness or Cancer

Geothermal stress is introduced in my article, “Cancer Prevention Tips – Preventing the Trauma of Cancer”

To see an introduction, please scan to the dowsing section of the article

I have dowsed the homes of 4 people who have cancer. Without exception, they have had a line of geothermal stress running directly through the body part that had the cancer. The strangest case was a friend of a friend whom I saw at a party. She told me that despite the fact that she’s been extremely healthy all her life, lives a super healthy lifestyle and has no genetic or any other predisposing factors for cancer, she’s overcome 3 unrelated cancers or tumors in the past year. The first was breast cancer. That was resolved. Then she got tongue and throat cancer, completely unrelated to the breast cancer. That was treated surgically and with chemo, and resolved. Then a tumor in the brain was discovered that was not cancer, but could have been life-threatening as it grew. She had surgery for that. By that date, all were resolved, but it was clear she feared more of this. I asked her, “Can I come to your house to dowse it?” She agreed immediately.

I first found a line passing through her breast and her husband’s chest. Then, the eerie finding: a diagonal line passing through her right breast, her throat and the tumor on the left side of her brain! It gave me a chill. These were unrelated conditions according to chemistry and physiology, but according to geothermal stress they were completely related to the same line of excess energy passing through her body.

Geothermal stress is a relatively accepted concept in Germany. I have heard that cancer patients there are often recommended to have the geothermal stress of the house addressed before they come home from their cancer treatment.

I think it would be worthwhile to research how often a recurrence of cancer happens when this advice is followed. If the relapse rate is minimized, then we know this is a significant step to take.

I’ve offered to dowse for other people with cancer, but like myself a few years ago, it is too weird for them and they are not receptive. I DO understand!

Next I decided to dowse the homes of 4 people with bipolar disorder. Each one of them had a line of stress running through their heads. This reminds me of “Runaway Mind” an autobiography of a young woman with bipolar disorder. Often bipolar individuals have difficulties sleeping. Perhaps the same line of excess energy contributes to the overactive mind and inability to relax enough to sleep. Given the fact that this disorder is among the most dangerous psychological disorders to the individual with that diagnosis, I think dowsing is a relatively low cost and easy way to ease their life. To be able to sleep deeply with a calmer mind is a nice protection from bipolar episodes.

3 people with migraines were next on my agenda. They, too, all had a line running through their pillow at head level.

I’ve dowsed many people with insomnia – so many I can’t remember. They, too, have lines running through their head.

I’ve dowsed the bedrooms of 3 teens with depression, insomnia and self-destructive thoughts or behaviors. Did you guess it? They all have a line passing through their head, and in two cases an additional line going straight through the body. This is a great source of stress, and a great relief to the teens to learn “It’s not me!”

Does this mean that I think geothermal stress causes bipolar disorder, cancer, depression, insomnia or migraines?

No. Obviously not, because geothermal, or geopathic stress found in the same spots, such as at the head, has resulted in a variety of conditions. All of these conditions are complex and it is clear additional causes are usually, but not always, known to be involved. Removing one major stress is at least beneficial, and sometimes a solution for the entire problem (as in my case of insomnia). Isn’t this worth checking out? Many dowsers only charge $100-200+ to investigate your whole home.

If there has been a long-term effort to treat your condition and yet it is not resolving, please do consider getting your house and/or your office dowsed. To me dowsing is a bargain well worth trying.

©2015, Dana Terrell