Gar Hildenbrand, Better Cancer Treatment Advocate

International CA specialist: Gar Hildenbrand is an epidemiologist, methodologist, and Advocate for better cancer treatment. He practices San Diego, CA and Tijuana, Mexico.

Gar’s email:

Gar Hildenbrand is fascinated with research on cancer treatment, both historically and ongoing. That enthusiasm has created a thirst for learning and integration that is inspiring. He shared information with me intelligently and freely during two phone calls totaling about an hour and a half. I worked hard to keep up with him in taking notes. We were referred to him by two friends from our church, and that may have inspired such generosity. However, he is a very kind and caring person, truly interested in Dave’s complete well being. So it is likely he would do this for anyone if he had the time.* He has given me permission to type up what I heard, to review and edit it for accuracy, so I can then share it with others as freely as he shared with me. He is dedicated to improving cancer treatment, and known internationally as an advocate for the same.

*I am typing this up for him so he can refer both patients and their oncologist and radiologists to it. He has reviewd it for accuracy. I hope it can save Gar and everyone involved that very valuable commodity when cancer is involved: Time.

As an epidemiologist and methodologist he is looking for the most intelligent and proven ways to injure rather than kill the cancer, and strengthen the immune system to finish the job on the cancer removal process. Additionally, he is aware of effective, simple and low cost methods to ameliorate the side effects or we might call it more directly and accurately, the destructive effects, of radiation and chemo.

“It is appropriate to review options for the rest of the tumors. USA is more about market share. Appropriate research questions or assumptions were not put in place. Too much drug is given for too long. It suppresses the manufacture of stem cells, so it can no longer fight the cancer. It slows the wound healing as well.

“Central to our method is the avoidance of damage to normal tissues and immune cells. We want to artificially keep immune populations inflated. We keep the dose of tumor damaging material as low as possible and deliver directly to tumor. We understand it is systemically metastatic. The liver is the key concern, with a 15 cm lesion. My recommendation would be a strong dose of skepticism applied analytically, and make a comparison to what can be accomplished at St. Andrews Clinic in Tijuana.

We are a 6 day a week tx methodology. 95% of tx is pro host, and only 5% is tumor ablative/damaging. We chelate every day. We encourage WILSON ( coffee enemas. See “The Cancer Diet” on Gar’s website for more details. The Liver can chelate the blood. We use

Mineral and IV inputs borrowed from Gerson and others, just to keep tissue up and immune system up.

He noted that he doesn’t consider Gerson a religion to follow exactly or you won’t survive, as many do.

One current patient tried to tolerate Xeloda but stopped her chemo, as she couldn’t tolerate chemo. She had been off chemo for a month, yet her white blood count was only 2.5 thousand. It didn’t take long to correct this; we gave her a fraction of granulocyte/macrophage-colony stimulating factor on Tuesday and another on Wednesday, when she was given her first injection of Coley fluid.

Then we checked to see how reactive she was to it: 2.5 thousand became 8.5 thousand. Now her immune system is big enough to train for clearing tumors. The difference is enormous between the approaches. Dr. Cedeño has looked at this and worked with the method for 20 years. He has perfected the method through trial and error.

We put together this methodology about 1,000 days ago. We use an insulin vector to target low-dose chemo to the cancer, the same insulin vector is used with amygdalin; these are the major tumor wounding materials. My contribution to the methodology was expertise in cytokines, vaccines, diet therapy and detox.

We have worked with a patient’s oncologist in VA who is very interested. We will work with any oncologist who is open. The scientific evidence is in now. FDA regulatory capture with Big Pharma. It’s up to individual practitioners to make the moves.

We are using anecdotal report to share ways to move forward. We do work with the patient’s oncologist any time they are willing.

I am an epidemiologist and methodologist. I work with Rafael Cedeño and Benito Muñoz in Tijuana. Our approach is set apart from standardized treatment. We know exactly what drugs do, w/o biological supports for tissues and the immune system. The question soon becomes, are there enough neutrophils to continue the treatment?

The DANGER Model

(see his website for a complete explanation of this. I think he’s intending danger for the cancer cells. )

The Danger Model instructs:   “Cancer can grow without the immune system seeing it. If you wound the tumor, the immune system sees the wound and attempts to repair it. We use a widely available cytokine: Leukine. It helps at the interface between the innate vs. adaptive memory sides of the immune system. There are dendritic cells under the surface of the skin. They pick up proteins from a wound and take them to lymphocytes which can clone and correct the problem.

COLEY’S VACCINE was developed at Memorial Sloan Kettering by researcher William B. Coley. Radiation and Chemo took a much faster approach. The vaccine was made by MBVax Bioscience, Ltd., a Canadian startup.

Coley Fluid was the first recognized single-agent immunotherapy to go after tumors. Due to the industrial promulgation of radiation and chemotherapy, the vaccine lost its popularity. It dropped from NCI and NIH attention (not due to scientific reasons). Then a great corruption and controversy came to light when a corporation was found to be producing a problematic vaccine that was proprietary to top NIH scientists. The outrage over vaccine quality and conflict of interest brought Congress in to “solve” the problem. They decided to punish the National Institute of Health (NIH) for conflict of interest, and snatched from them the power to oversee and check the safety of biologicals and treatments. It was transferred to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) which was completely unprepared with the necessary scientists to do the work. In this setting, what happened to the Coley Vaccine was Kafkaesque. The FDA froze all therapeutic vaccines. This was protested by people who were benefitting from Eli Lilly’s IV Streptococcus pyogenes (the same microbe use in Coley Fluid) vaccine for rheumatoid arthritis, they attempted to initiate a hearing with the FDA. Commissioner Donald Kennedy, the head of the FDA at the time, determined that “You don’t have standing to request a hearing. Only corporations have standing.” The conclusion drawn by patients was that people don’t count.

Dana’s comment: FDA has been well-known to operate inefficiently and ineffectively, as an arm of corporations. The staff is made up of a revolving set of ex-corporate people rather than pure scientists. This keeps the FDA as ineffective as it was at the beginning of their “career” in overseeing drugs. I might add here that the research by Big Pharma of psychotropic drugs never had trials beyond 6 weeks. If they could be shown to be effective in that short amount of time, they were approved. As this controversy is coming to light, some companies who used to provide psychotropic drugs, such as anti-depressants, have withdrawn from the business of making them. This information was brought to me by a neuroscientist who was surprised to find in her research that it is not brain chemistry that causes depression, but stressful events cause micro-injuries in the brain resulting in inflammation, causing “sickness behavior” to help the brain heal. Sickness behavior includes lethargy, sleeping and so on. We call it “depression” in America and we don’t like or make room for the symptoms. The “sickness” time could give time to digest and heal from the stress if we faced it. Instead we run away from unpleasant emotions and they become stuck in us. EMDR is effective at that point, but wouldn’t be necessary so often if people knew how to help themselves with lesser stressors. Interestingly, since the advent of anti-depressants, the rate of depression in the population has soared, as have the unpleasant side-effects. 3 meta analysis of all the research on anti-depressants (including the research that didn’t prove their value, which tends to not be published due to something called “Publication Bias”) concluded that anti-depressants DO WORK FOR SEVERE DEPRESSION and thus can be life saving. We certainly know it works very well for bipolar disorder. However the meta-analyses reported that anti-depressants do not work better than placebo for mild and moderate depression. What does Karen Wager-Smith recommend in place of anti-depressants in those cases? Please link to an article on my website to read more:

NOTE: This topic is relevant for a cancer discussion, because cancer is known to be a cause of not just depression, but PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). Please link to an article on my website to read more on the only treatment so far that has been proven to help with PTSD due to cancer.


1977 – 1979         In developing the Coley vaccine, weakened streptococcus was the main component of the vaccine. This was co-cultured with Serratia marcescens to increase its potency.

1979                    Commissioner Kennedy of the FDA bans all derivatives of streptococcus from interstate commerce

Famous pathologist Lloyd Old ( and Helen Coley Nauts ( analyzed 1000 of Coley’s cases. 896 of those were validated as cases of cancer. The rate of response to the vaccine treatment for 5 years survival was 60-70% survival for various cancers.

Through the enthusiasm of the Ludwig Institute, they applied to the FDA for the vaccine to be approved. There response was: “There is something wrong with the Coley Vaccine (we aren’t sure what).” As of 2006, due to the Freedom of Information Act it was learned that the FDA still bans Coley, but they don’t know why.

Courageous CEOs have developed the Coley fluid, bringing a very clean version of it. Don MacAdam in BC is a researcher and friend of Gar’s. He called Gar because he knows that Gar is an advocate for change in Cancer Treatment. He’s giving Gar the opportunity to use his vaccine; it is noncommercial, so no money changes hands over Coley Fluid.

There is the “ONE MORE HIGH DOSE” school of thought in cancer treatment.

We use Coley Fluid and GM-CSF to maintain large co-stimulatory immune cell populations, amygdalin with insulin vector (to destabilize cancer cells) and low-dose chemo (10%-30%) with insulin vector (to wound cancer cells). This way, we can help the immune system remain strong and fight the cancer intelligently. During administration of chemo, insulin simultaneously activates cancer to rapidly aggregate serum glucose, encourages glucose uptake by skeletal muscles and fat cells, and blocks liver release of glucose, all of which lowers blood sugar enough to cause most tissue cells to go into an energy conserving state in which they simply stay alive but perform no energy-requiring functions. This protects against uptake of chemo and downstream damage (e.g. to hair follicles).

Valter Longo at USC has shown you can prevent the side effects of chemo by water-fasting 24 hours before the chemo. It protects the healthy cells, because they go into survival mode in a state of suspended animation, very similar to cell response to hypoglycemia.

The tumor cleaves to the sugar and digestion creates a problem in the cancer cells.

NOTE: Dana learned independently that the side effects of radiation treatment can be overcome by eating an abundance of miso. After the US dropped the atomic bombs on Japan, the people who survived the radiation best were found to have ingested the most miso. Gar agrees with this.

The insulin vector by Dr. Cedeño converts a 10%-30% chemo dose to 100% tumor effect. This has the same protective effect as the fasting effect. Gar likes insulin better. Cells are miserly re sugar anyway. They don’t need it to live, but to do work. If you lower sugar in the blood stream, cells cease all voluntary behavior and just remain alive. It really protects them.

You would see exposure. The vector works well because malignant cells have a bounty of insulin receptors. Should insulin overrun the available cancer cell insulin receptors, extra insulin receptors can be created on the spot. As soon as they are full of insulin, cancer cells synchronize their mitotic activity. Tumors become a sump pump for blood and chemo. The tumor becomes the most active recruiter of substances from the blood. That plus the low dose combine to wound tumor effectively but protect normal tissue. The net effect is that you have a person who feels better on chemo days than on a vaccine day.

It works like this: Chemo is mixed and hung in an IV bag. The stopcock is set to drip for e.g. 20 minutes. Near the end of the drip, a small bolus of insulin is injected into the IV line. A glucometer is used frequently to measure serum glucose. As glucose nears 50, the nurse gives the patient a juice, and hangs dextrose to restore the patient to a normoglycemic state. The entire process lasts less than an hour.

Laetrile (amygdalin) is hung the same as above. Six grams are mixed in the IV bag, the drip is begun, and before it is done, insulin is injected into the IV line. In this instance, insulin acts to push malignant cells into sugar aggregation, which in turn leads to expression of stimulus/response glucose-cleaving enzymes that can also cleave laetrile. In the interstices of the cancer, laetrile is split into cyanide hydrochloride (a metabolic poison) and benzaldehyde (a natural pain killer). We call laetrile a tumor softening agent.

We only want a tiny wound in the tumor and a strong immune system; this will produce adequate tumor regression. Effector lymphocytes go a little beyond clean margins in the healing process. The effector class remains active for 10-14 days. Lymphocytes clear tumor cells again and again until, at ~2 weeks from the tumor wounding, they become exhausted and either rest down or delete themselves.

In 9 weeks George went into complete remission from a huge abdominal tumor, nodes in head and neck and chest and back (mantel cell lymphoma). Most amazing part was how George started to get well.

We explained to George that we wanted to send one of his tumors to oncologist Dr Robert Nagourney of Rational Therapeutics ( for chemosensitivity and resistance testing. George arrived on a Friday, and was administered 200 mcg GM-CSF. He was very reactive with flu-like symptoms. Saturday, he was given another 200 mcg GM-CSF, and a finder dose of Coley Fluid (0.05 ml). He had a strong, long reaction that stretched through most of Sunday. On Monday, Dr Cedeño removed a 5 cm tumor from his back, which tumor was sent to Rational Therapeutics. On Wednesday, treatment day #5, Dr Cedeño palpated George’s tumors and texted me that he felt that George’s huge abdominal tumor had reduced by 25%-30%. Other nodes were clearly smaller. In this instance, the surgeon introduces the wound that attracted the immune system, and the tumor’s surgical be supplied antigens that were shed by the tumor into the surrounding tissue. This resulted in a systemic effector response that cleared disease throughout the body.

St. Andrews Clinic

Flat fee per week, separate line, or scan is separate. We can cross border for the PET scans.

$4500 per week. If a global entry card, we can go back and forth across border for tx, get from State Dept. and have a couple of minute wait.

Usually local oncologists accept the Vaccine being administered in Mexico.

But lowering the dose on chemo is taboo for many oncologists. Some are interested and willing to consider it at the patient’s wishes.

Metronomic chemotherapy was successful with daily low dose. But oncology hasn’t widely accepted that yet.


Ioderal: Order online. It is a desiccated version of Lugol’s solution. To get more iodine in serum. Each tablet provides 12.5 milligrams of iodine, 5 mg as elemental iodine (I2) and 7.5 mg as potassium iodide (KI). This is the best you can do to protect the iodine absorbing tissues during radiation therapy. Tennessee Valley Authority gave out potassium iodide, when the Clinch River Breeder Reactor meltdown happened. Take one a day. Keep it up after radiation treatment. Iodine can be anti-cancer on its own.

Here is a link to Ioderal at a decent price: Dave needs to take only 1/day; he should get on it and stay on it for a long time. The reasons to take this preparation are several: 1) It contains both iodide (I) and elemental iodine (I2); both are biologically needed in different amounts by different tissues and 2) the tablet form is convenient compared with Lugol’s solution.

Can Miso protect from radiation, as reported in Japan after the bombs were dropped by the USA? “Absolutely. Japan has 12 to 20 mg of iodine daily. They have a lower cancer rate. They have no breast or prostate cancer in Japan. Iodine is essential to development of breast. This is from Carmen Aceves of Juriquillo the Autonomous University of Mexico. They are good scientists.