“EMDR is Doing So Much to Help the World”

by Dana Terrell, LCSW, EAC


This is a quote of a friend of mine — not an EMDR therapist.

So, Let us do a little to help EMDR each week.  Here is a reprint of an article posted in “EMDR Humanitarian Weekly.”  This is a newsletter for members of the ComprehensiveTherapyApproach.com local web Directories of the highest standards for inclusion.  The article follows:

Our SEO Queen has informed us that social media “likings” and activity are now considered essential by Google in ranking websites.

For busy EMDR therapists, this is a challenge.  Yet, we are compassionate, talented and dedicated.  Thus, I believe we can do it efficiently and effectively.  We can bring EMDR to the Tipping Point of public knowledge with patient persistence.  (It’s been my theme song since 2006.)

Please simply “like” one or more of the articles that are begun on [each] newsletter (that you have time to open — and I do thank you for opening them!).

How to do Humanitarian Work in Small Doses?
  • click on link for the full article(s) that interest you
  • then click on your favorite social media icon in the upper left corner of the article page,  to LIKE it and make a comment.
  • AND/OR, go to a basic Directory page for your community (see links at left) and LIKE that.

One therapist sincerely asked, “Why should we do this? It just benefits you.”  I said, “It is win-win for many. It helps every therapist on the website when these activities bring up the SEO of the website.  And, by being found closer to the top of page 1 on Google, we reach far more people who are suffering and in need of the help that EMDR can bring. Isn’t that win-win?”  She agreed and said she would be happy to help with this weekly task.

It is my belief that this is humanitarian work.  Discussing it with two friends recently, they emphatically agreed that EMDR is doing so much to help in this world and more need to know about it.  If we put in 5-10 min. a week to help in the effort, we are helping our own community or our colleagues’ communities.  Perhaps for some newsletter issues, we will focus on one community and see how many “LIKES” we can accumulate for that location.  (The tally will increase with each person’s click.)  Hence, our name: EMDR Humanitarian Weekly has real meaning I hope you enjoy joining in the mission!

This month our two authors are from San Diego, but San Diego doesn’t need help with SEO.  So, instead, I invite you to “LIKE” the Seattle page and the Washington page.  We are nearing the first anniversary of these locations.  Bravo!

Next month we will be celebrating the launch of 3 new locations:  Arizona, Boston/Eastern MASS., and Colorado.  Please be ready to “like” those locations and help them build their SEO.

Please feel free to submit articles and blogs.  I would be happy to feature your contributions about your specialties, educational info or groups.  For those who hate writing, you can call me, tell me your message and I’ll ghost write for you.

Warm wishes for very Happy Holidays,