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Filmmaker Releases Documentary on EMDR

Filmmaker Michael Burns has released his latest documentary, EMDR, a movie that explores one of the top treatments for psychological trauma: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.  Despite turning the community of trauma treatment on its head over the last two decades, EMDR remains lesser known in the mainstream. “With this film I’m looking to introduce people to what EMDR is, how it works, and who can be helped,” said Burns.  Billions of people across the planet have had their lives touched in some way by tragedy.  For many of them, the effects of their abuse, accident, or loss reverberate for the rest of their lives and hold them back from their full potential.

With EMDR, a trained, EMDRIA-certified practitioner uses bi-hemispheric brain stimulation and an eight-phase protocol checklist to facilitate a client’s recovery.  The eye movements, auditory signals, or tactile pulses put the brain in a state that allows past trauma to be considered differently.  Whether a traumatic event is months or decades old, millions of clients around the world have reported significant and lasting improvement when reevaluating their trauma in this unique bilaterally stimulated state. EMDR’s efficacy with respect to PTSD is extremely well established in the relevant literature; continuing studies are measuring EMDR’s success as a response to other conditions.

The film weaves personal stories into discussion about EMDR’s evolution and development.  Researchers and practitioners from across the country share their reflections about EMDR’s early days when founder Francine Shapiro began honing the therapy’s methodology as well as how EMDR has transformed their practices since their training.  Interviews explore the acute need for a trauma treatment that works efficiently and quickly.

“One takeaway from our interviews is that successful EMDR treatment can usually be measured in sessions rather than years,” according to Burns.  “This is very important for people looking to get their lives back on track quickly.  Unfortunately, many people suffering from traumatic events in their histories – including the military- are walking around carrying buildings on their backs.  EMDR offers hope for these people and a solution that lets them finally put the weight of their pasts down so they can truly start living again.”

The film’s website is emdrmovie.com.  Burns’s other films include Preventive Warriors, Laban, and Third Party.  See michaelpburns.com for details.

Film’s website: emdrmovie.com

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