DBT Skills Classes in East County, San Diego

DBT Skills Classes in East County, San Diego

Wednesday from 5:00 to 6:30pm

Call Bernadette Talia, LCSW, SEP at 619-438-6150



DBT, or Dialectical Behavior Therapy, is a treatment designed to help emotionally sensitive individuals to develop skills to cope with life’s stresses.  Member of our classes come from a variety of back-grounds and struggle with different kinds of problems, including depression, anxiety, eating disorder, obsessional thinking, relationship difficulties, self harm, and poor anger management.

The Class Covers Four Main Topics


INTERPERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS training focuses on learning how to get what one wants and needs in an interpersonal situation without sacrificing the relationship or one’s self respect. This module is particularly helpful for people who have trouble maintaining relationships.

EMOTION REGULATION focuses on enhancing control of emotions.  These skills can be useful to people with emotional ups and downs, intense emotional reactions, and chronic depression or anger problems.

DISTRESS TOLERANCE focuses on learning to tolerate distress and survive crises without engaging in impulsive or obsessive behaviors, such as drinking, drug use, binge eating, over-spending, criticism/blaming/ anger outbursts, gambling, sex addiction and so on.

CORE MINDFULNESS focuses on learning to access one’s internal wisdom.  In this module, we also teach skills for stress reduction.


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