Beginning Your EMDR Therapy


pastyourpastFrancine Shapiro, PhD is the developer of EMDR, the first researcher of the EMDR Protocol, and an author of several books about EMDR.  She has recently published her newest book, a self-help book for the public called “Getting Past Your Past.”

This is a great introduction to EMDR at any stage along the way, whether you are thinking of getting therapy, are mid-way through therapy and would like some added self-help practice, or don’t feel a need for professional treatment now, but just want to help yourself with a challenge. Read an exerpt at the bottom of this article.

By buying this book, you not only help yourself.  You also can help many others.  All of the profits from this book will be divided between two noble causes.

The EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Programs

First, is EMDR-HAP.  The EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Programs.  HAP consists of volunteers who go to areas torn by disaster to provide free trainings to local therapists, so they can help with the long-term recovery from the trauma.  Thus, local counselors can help those who develop symptoms quickly, as well as those who find the symptoms popping up later, as often happens.  Also, they provide low cost trainings to therapists who work in non-profit agencies.  We want to help under-served populations to access EMDR therapy.  We EMDR therapists believe that freeing people from PTSD is a great way to contribute to world peace.

EMDR-HAP was founded to help the survivors of the bombing of the Federal Building in Oklahoma City.  Since then it has helped in war torn areas, where there have been earthquakes, 9/11, tsunamis, hurricanes and other disasters.

EMDR Research Foundation

Second noble cause is the EMDR Research Foundation.  This Foundation supports quality research in EMDR.

It is very important to find ways to fund research in these days of budget cuts.  Thus, you will be helping those who want to find out how effective EMDR can be for Depression (already some promising research, but more needed), for Panic Disorder (likewise), Substance Abuse and so on.

Over twenty years of research has already proven to help very effectively with traumas large and small.  It’s been proven to eliminate phantom limb pain.  It does a great job with some phobias.  So much proof exists for PTSD that that EMDR is accepted by every major insurance company and all major professional associations.

Also, the prestigious Cochran Review which tracks medical research has determined that everyone suffering from PTSD should have access to either EMDR or CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy).

Here is an excerpt from the book:

“Why would a beautiful, intelligent woman keep picking the wrong men, throw herself on the floor and beg them not to leave her?

Why would a successful businessman be hit with anxiety whenever he had to make a presentation?

Why would a woman with the constant feeling of dread, fears of abandonment, and eating disorder not be able to make sense of it, seeing therapist after therapist?

There is a simple explanation for these people’s problem involving how the brain functions.

This book explores why we suffer–and what to do about it.”

I think you will find this a very readable, clear and helpful book.   And it will give you a great introduction to an amazing therapy approach!


©2012 Dana Terrell, LCSW, EAC