Are you Seeking a Counselor who Does More than Talk?

EMDR Works Better than Talk Therapy

We have Counselors in Bay Area, Orange County, Sacramento, San Diego, Seattle and Washington State who can surely talk, but they can do more than talk.

As an EMDR therapist in San Diego specializing in treating stress, trauma and performance issues, I have met many clients who have told me something like this client said:  “I’ve had 8 years of therapy with a therapist I love, but I’m worse!”

One man said, “I’ve progressed more in 3 months with you than I have in 20 years of previous [talk] therapy.”

Why is this so?  Though it can feel comforting to be heard and understood, and to have someone on your side, friends can do the same thing and it doesn’t really resolve problems.  Woody Allen and others love to joke about people having years of therapy but not changing at all.  I know that is not what you want.  And, it’s not funny when it is you who seems to be continually missing your mark.

EMDR Therapy: a form of counseling that goes beyond

EMDR is a form of counseling that goes beyond what we thought possible.  It helps us see that the mind, like the body can heal quickly.  EMDR Therapy does have a direct and very positive effect on the mind.

On the home page of this website you see a single case study of a brain scan before and after EMDR therapy with a person who had severe PTSD.

Francine Shapiro observed the “Adaptive Information Processing System”

The developer of EMDR Therapy, Francine Shapiro, PhD, has posited that EMDR taps into a natural, inherent “Adaptive Information Processing System” in the brain.  It can get stuck by negative, stressful or traumatic experiences.  But EMDR Therapy can help to gently “jump start” it again.  We begin to think more positively, more realistically, more creatively.

Spontaneous Positive Change in Thought

This is what makes it thrilling to be an EMDR therapist.  You can see this healthy system unfold in front of you. People begin to make positive declarations about themselves, that sound better than any positive cognition we could craft for them ahead of time.

Spontaneous Positive Change in Behavior

Clients come in to me and report that they made very positive changes in their behavior spontaneously, without any forethought.  And sometimes they don’t really notice it until afterward, when the surprise sets in.

EMDR Therapy for Children

Children in EMDR respond very quickly.  But they often don’t notice any effect.  Their parents, however, notice unmistakeably positive changes.

To me, all these are signs that health is natural and we can return to it very readily, with the help of an experienced, Certified EMDR therapist.

We have a fun intro video for children.  Please check it out!

How EMDR Therapy Works for Kids