“Overcoming Abuse and Neglect Can Be Done”

I am Proving Abuse and Neglect Can be Overcome

by N.G., Ocean Beach Business Woman

I want to share the amazing transformation I’ve experienced since working with my EMDR Therapist and her magic wand!  [NOTE:  EMDR therapists use their hands, a device called a “Light Bar,” pulsars with lights, or a simple pointer wand to guide their clients’ eye movements.]

One of my very close friends told me about EMDR therapy. She knew my history and thought it might help me overcome some difficulties that had plagued me for years. When I went to ComprehensiveTherapyApproach.com, which lists only EMDR therapists, I read a list of questions in one therapists profile, such as:

Feeling stuck in disturbing feelings like anxiety, phobias or nervousness?”

I answered yes! yes! yes! to every single question that paragraph asked. It was as if she was speaking directly to me! I called that EMDR therapist to talk to her. She was so calm and kind that after I put the phone down I sobbed. I felt that she was the person that would be able to help me release the negative beliefs that were holding me back from having the life I wanted. I was absolutely right! In just a few sessions, she helped me find the parts of my brain that were stuck and she helped me create completely new thought patterns.

EMDR Therapy to me is like cognitive therapy on steroids! I knew that my shame and guilt was not mine, but I didn’t seem to have the power to change how I viewed the world because of it. EMDR Therapy was the magic formula for all my abuse and neglect! I have changed so much in such a short time. My relationships are so much more authentic, personally and in my career. My relationship with money is much better and as a result, I am making more money. I no longer suffer from debilitating anxiety and I am able to squash self-doubt before it has a chance to take its hold on me. I believe I can succeed and as a result, I’m becoming more and more successful. I have control over my life and destiny. I love myself and I love my life!

I thought PTSD was for those who suffered major trauma like in Vietnam or other equally devastating circumstances. From what I now understand, PTSD can occur in childhood as a result of abuse and neglect, no matter how we minimize it. With my therapist, I discovered some of my stored trauma was from events that as an adult I wouldn’t have thought were especially traumatic, however, they were affecting my view of myself and the world around me.  EMDR Therapy has been the perfect vehicle for me!