PTSD Problem and Solution: a Testimonial


o.r.roomAllow me to introduce myself, my name is Rebecca Moore.

I feel so compelled to write my experience to you, to let the public know what this therapy has done for me. Within the past year I have been seeing a Certified EMDR therapist here in San Diego, named Ruth Gillis, MFT.

When I came to her office I must say, that my life was truly in total shambles. My anxiety and stress were to a point that I could no longer function in society. I couldn’t keep a job, so my career as a first assistant in the operating room completely unraveled.

This slowly lead to the financial mess that ensued.

My anxiety began to manifest itself physiologically in the form of panic attacks that mimicked heart attacks (unstable angina). I gained an enormous amount of weight (70 added lbs) and began to self-medicate with alcohol.

I would go days without sleeping due to the fact that events that transpired in my past were still alive in my head. Needless to say the domino effect took place in my life. It seemed as though I had no hope.

The depression from all that has happened in my personal life was unbearable. I was immobilized. Feeling extremely frustrated at the fact that I have worked in the medical field for over twenty years and have spoken with numerous health care providers, it was all for naught. I had no idea that I was suffering from PTSD and had been all along my adult life.

It was then that a friend recommended EMDR therapy. Quickly, in a desperate attempt, I began to do research in this field. To my amazement, I was totally dumbfounded and could not believe that this was definitely something that might help me. I scheduled an appointment for treatment.

When I came to Ruth Gillis’s office, I was indeed skeptical. Nothing ever helped before, not even medication. So why should I think this would help?

But I was so desperate I was willing to do whatever Ruth told me to do.  What makes her good and effective with people is that she has a passion for people which can be seen and felt. Therefore trust can be easily established.  So, I did what she said.

She explained to me what I was experiencing and educated me on the brain. I just loved her technique with me.

Subsequently, after only a few sessions I began to notice simple things were happening. I started to have more energy. I was getting up earlier in the morning.  Believe me when I say that had indeed been an everyday struggle.

I started noticing things that used to trigger anger and irritation (from some very painful memories) didn’t bother me anymore. I could drive to areas of the city and not feel panic-stricken. I felt much more confident and had a sense of well-being around my surroundings, as if I were a different person somehow.  Within the first two months, I had a new clarity about my life.  I could see myself in every situation with the deepest insight.  My confidence shot through the roof.

My self-image has completely changed for the better. My eating habits have changed because I’m no longer “self-medicating” with food or alcohol, and my sense of spirituality is unshakable.

Now it feels as though I was left to bleed to death. EMDR arrested the bleeding, for it has completely stopped. I feel as thought this is an answer to my prayers that I have looked for my entire life. I feel normal again; like I have my old self back… and I do have my old self back — however, a better version.


My marriage has healed because of this miracle therapy. Now my husband and I have a business and I am more focused than ever before. I feel healthier, sexy, happy, and confident. For the first time, I LOVE my life.

The only regret:  I wish I knew about this type of therapy twenty years ago. It would have saved me a lot of pain. I am forever grateful to Ruth Gillis and her expertise and professionalism, and her whole disposition in it’s entirety. I can’t stop telling people about it, because I can see what they are going through and it saddens me.

Because there IS a solution and that’s EMDR.

I will continue to advocate this therapy because I believe that this is how life is supposed to be. If I can be of some help to someone I will. I personally feel that every health care provider needs to be aware of this type of therapy in order to effectly help those in need.

Next month I will be turning fifty. Now I look towards that next half of my life and all the possibilities that I see, and that I am. I am forever changed by it…   “Happy Birthday to me!”