About Dana Terrell, LCSW, AC


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Dana Terrell, LCSW, EAC (CA license #13773) has been practicing Bowen Family System’s Theory since 1979, and EMDR Therapy since 1997. She’s been training EMDR therapists in her iBE protocols since 2009, and was a presenter at the 2014 and 2017 EMDR International Association Conferences.

She is passionate about her two specialties because she has seen the life-changing effect when combined in her Integrative Bowen and EMDR (iBE) protocol. With iBE, client change is evident to others. Her research has demonstrated people can increase their emotional maturity scores more in 3-12 months than Bowen thought possible in one lifetime.

In 2006 she created a website to express her expanding passion: to help the world discover EMDR therapy and to introduce our world family to the esteemed EMDR therapists she most trusts: EMDRIA-Certified EMDR Therapists. Tour ComprehensiveTherapyApproach.com:

WHAT IS EMDR?       A succinct intro to EMDR therapy, it’s success and it’s speed

VIDEO                         A buffet of topics: EMDR for different age groups, for different needs, overcoming stigma about mental illness, …

ARTICLES                   Reports on research of many applications of EMDR, for depression, PTSD from cancer, phobias, anxiety, for children, for those who experienced early trauma or neglect (such as Adult Children of Alcoholics), and many, many more

FOR THERAPISTS      Resources for therapists, upcoming trainings, and access to reaching many clients interested in EMDR therapy

Our Certified EMDR therapists have taken the extra effort to consult with a mentor (an EMDRIA-Approved Consultant) for 20 hours. Together they review of the therapist’s efforts to serve clients safely with EMDR therapy. Also, Certified EMDR Therapists take a minimum of 12 credits in Advanced EMDR trainings every 2 years.

“Basically, I’ve found that when people have had a negative experience with EMDR in the past, it is due to working with a therapist who did not practice the full 8 phase EMDR protocol. This is what research has proven works. It is the focus of the certification process – to make sure the EMDR therapist does not leave out one of the important steps, and that you trust and allow each step to fully work its magic.”

Dana Terrell, LCSW, EAC

What is most magical about EMDR?

It is Shapiro’s concept that trauma keeps the brain stuck in distress, and EMDR jump-starts the natural health of the brain again. She calls that health the “Adaptive Information Processing” or AIP System. “Watching the AIP blossom in front of me,” says Dana of her work with clients, “is always inspiring, always thrilling. I never get tired of it, even after 20 years!”

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Her love of Bowen theory began in 1979. She’s been practicing it ever since, in her personal and clinical life. Her clients have found it a valuable set of knowledge and strategies to improve any and all relationships. Whether that improvement is “microscopic” or much more significant, Bowen said it was “huge” because it reverses a pattern that often has been continuing for generations.

And he observed, as I have observed, that when one motivated person works to change their own part in relationship patterns, two things happen. 1. The individual gains great inner strength.   2. Their health becomes contagious to others in contact with them. Yes, it may be a delayed effect, but it does happen. The deep satisfaction of this, to a person with social work values, is that when working with one person, I know that eventually more people will be benefited than just my own client.

Contrast that to therapies where the therapist blames the other family members for the client’s problems, and even encourages cutoff from the blamed persons!! To me that is tragic because it reduces the potential size on the client’s support system.  On occasion it is necessary. In cases where true safety is at stake, that is the exception, of course.  This means both physical and emotional safety.  But I seek to empower my client to learn, sooner or later, how to hold their strength when in contact with the challenging family member or other challenging people.


Dana Terrell’s initial research demonstrated that with a single case in one year, the client increased her score on the Differentiation of Self Scale 10.7 points. That is more than Murray Bowen, MD thought was possible in one lifetime!

The good results have encouraged Dana to continue her research on a group iBE protocol, so that more people can access quality EMDR and Bowen therapies affordably and in a time-efficient format.


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