EMDR Therapy Going Viral

EMDR Therapy:  in the Running for Going “Viral”
How Can I help?

by Dana Terrell, LCSW, EAC

September 7, 2014:  As you know, YouTube records how many people have viewed videos. Without a professional production or significant promotional budget, in one year’s time, we are nearing 3000 views. Here are ones growing the most so far:

Therapy won’t work for me – Please get off my back: Stigma and Stereotype Series
posted 3 weeks ago
147 views (my husband predicts this will go viral)
This video is for people who are pretty convinced that therapy won’t work for them. They may feel pushed to go to therapy…

How EMDR Therapy Works for Kids
posted 3 months ago
654 views (quickly catching up with the front-runner)
EMDR Therapy is a comprehensive therapy approach that helps when kids have bad days that give them nightmares or scary…

And the all-time most views? You may be surprised 🙂

Super Cool: Fruit Salad Trees and EMDR Therapy
posted for fun 1 year ago
In this video learn about two little-known things that deserve to go viral. Fruit Salad Trees are the result of creative people joining…

How You Can Help

Share these videos with dear ones, friends and family who would be interested in specific topics, such as Child Therapy and EMDR for people who need it but seem “too stuck” to access it. This helps the key purpose of going viral: Helping more people learn more about EMDR, and introducing it to others who don’t know about it.

Contribute your own videos about EMDR Therapy.

  • Categories in the new video page: EMDR and AIP, Self Care, Stigma & Stereotype Series, and Fun with EMDR.

Easiest way: simply watch the very informal current “Viral” Leader:

Super Cool: Fruit Salad Trees and EMDR Therapy

And, as you will see, I’ve asked people to help the video go viral — proving the power of a direct request!  Please take a step today to help EMDR Therapy go Viral.